TIL: How to change the ”Not You?” text on Pardot Forms

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The TIL (Today I Learned) series are short posts about nice tips & tricks that solve little, everyday frustrations – or something remarkable that I have to share.

The ‘Not you?…Click here’ snippet appears at the bottom of Pardot forms in order to give the viewer the chance to change who is being tracked by Pardot under their IP address. However, editing this small part of text isn’t as straightforward as the rest of the form’s text.

Why do you need to change one small part of text?

Let’s start with the why. When you’re managing forms in different languages, is it really giving your prospect/customer/partner a good impression if you’ve left this piece of text untranslated? If you’ve made the effort to translate the whole of your form, then you should make the last push to get this translated.

The Explanation

I can explain how this works briefly. With Pardot forms, all text can be modified at the form level via the Form Wizard, for example:

Form field labels:

Error message & description:

Submit button text, above & below form content:

…except this piece.

The ‘Not you?…Click here’ snippet gives the chance for prospects to change who is being tracked on their IP address. When a prospect converts (leaves an email address), their visitor records (browsing activity) is associated with their prospect record, and they are cookied. This means you can relate their past AND future browsing data on one record as they transfer from being unknown, to known.

It’s important because you want to be sure that the activity that is being picked up by Pardot for that IP is actually that prospect.

You have the ability to add the ‘Not you?…Click here’ snippet to your forms on Stage 3 of the Form Wizard, under the ‘Advanced’ tab. But, that’s it. You can’t edit it this way, so you need to take a different route.

You must make the change at the form template level.

The Instructions

Open the form template your form has been placed on. (I would recommend making a copy first so you don’t mess with any live forms).

Next, take the Javascript code at the bottom of this post, and paste into a word processor.

Then, replace two parts of the code with your translations, as seen below in yellow highlight.

Finally, on the edit screen of your form template, paste the Javascript in between‘<html>’ and ‘<head>’ (lines 2 & 3) – and save.

Some Tips

This is tedious, but get it done. It’s good to create ‘Standard’ template for each language. If you have some knowledge of CSS/HTML, you can seize the opportunity to resize your submit buttons, because they vary from language to language.

To finish up…

Here’s the code – you’re welcome.


<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/jquery/jquery.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">


    var span = $('.email span.description').first();

    span.html(span.html().replace("Not","Vous n’êtes pas"));

    span.html(span.html().replace("Click Here","Cliquez-ici"));





5 thoughts on “TIL: How to change the ”Not You?” text on Pardot Forms

  1. Thank you for the tip Lucy!

    Unfortunately something seems to go wrong on my side when using the code you provided: when adding the code, the characters in the form don’t use UTF-8 encoding anymore so the form gets messy. I tried to trouble shoot it but so far I can’t find the fix.

    Here is an example : https://info.2020spaces.com/ebook-developper-son-entreprise-de-design-d-interieur

    Also here is a recommendation for your translation to french 🙂

    span.html(span.html().replace(“Not”,”Vous n’êtes pas”));

    span.html(span.html().replace(“Click Here”,”Cliquez-ici”));

    Thank You

    1. Hi Max,
      Thanks for your comment – sorry that this was throwing an error for you, it worked ok for me. I will get a developer to take a look and see how this could be resolved. Ah French, a romance language that isn’t as raw as English :).
      Best wishes, Lucy

  2. Hi! I really find your tips very helpful. I was using this code and so far it was great but since a week ago or something, it is not making the translation. i have it even saved as spanish templates but even on those ones is not translating…do you know what may be the problem?

    1. Same here, just tried it and no luck. In our case I just want to change the words “Click Here” to “Reset Form” but instructions here did not work.

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