5 Popular Pardot and Marketing Cloud Blog Posts 2020 [Top DRIPs from Q1]

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Which posts have been the most popular on the blog this year so far?

Here are the topics that came out on top in Q1 of 2020:

5. Complete List of Pardot in Salesforce

Saying ‘Pardot in Salesforce’ can mean many different things. We could be referring to Pardot data syncing to Salesforce fields, showing Pardot data in Lightning components, unified access (single sign-on), or the ability to manage ‘marketing assets’ from Salesforce. Here’s the list I compiled with all the ways Pardot is ‘in’ Salesforce.

4. Guide to 5 Marketing Cloud Roles

Most Marketing Cloud roles fit into one of the following 5 categories: Specialist, Administrator, Consultant, Developer, or Architect. This article takes it a step further, to help you understand in more depth and differentiate between them, including typical responsibilities and what employers look for.

3. Pardot & Marketing Cloud Certification Paths 2020 [Infographic]

As two different products requiring specialised skill-sets, Pardot and Marketing Cloud have distinct certification paths to follow. In the ‘Pardot & Marketing Cloud Certification Paths 2020‘ infographic, you will find each pathway side-by-side, highlighting any pre-requisites, the recommended experience in months/years.

2. Pardot Email Preference Center Best Practices [Updated 2020]

An Email Preference Center (EPC) is a page prospects use to select which topics they want to be emailed about – a preferences pick n’ mix. Although you can get up and running rapidly, there’s a lot more behind the scenes beyond sticking lists on a page, and is often something organisations seek consultation from a Pardot specialist for.

1. 20 Things You Should Know About Salesforce Campaigns

Salesforce Campaigns are an essential object for Marketers, but many don’t use Campaigns to their full potential. I hope you find some best practice in this post that you didn’t know before, that will enhance your use of Salesforce Campaigns for better tracking and reporting.

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