Marketing Effectiveness Bundle: Limited Time Marketing Cloud Discount

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Salesforce announced the Marketing Effectiveness Bundle – essentially introductory pricing – with up to 50% discount off list price, until Dec. 31, 2022.

This is only available to new customers, and serves as an incentive to buy multiple products – but why have they decided to offer a discount?

The bundle includes three Salesforce Marketing Cloud products which must be purchased together:

  • Customer Data Platform (powered by Genie): Unify customer data into a single source of truth, build intelligent audiences faster, and act on real-time data and insights.
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio): Deliver hyper-relevant moments with real-time recommendations, offers and experiences tailored to each customer.
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement (emails and Journey Builder): Connect with customers across every channel on their terms and optimize marketing performance and spending with AI.
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Universally, marketers are being challenged to do more with less. With a looming economic downturn, the stakes are higher than ever.

But Salesforce’s messaging remains optimistic – having surveyed 6,000 marketing leaders across 35 countries, they found that “marketers remain optimistic amid change”.

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With every challenge, Salesforce strives to find the opportunity. The Marketing Effectiveness Bundle is a win-win: Salesforce gains more customers and the platform becomes “sticky” when purchasing multiple products, while organizations get access to leading marketing automation technology, which is proven to deliver a range of results.

Salesforce is offering introductory pricing of up to 50% off the list price of product editions in the Marketing Effectiveness Bundle when purchased together. Read customer success stories and the small print here.

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