How Travel Expands Marketing Horizons: Chat with Brian Coles

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Brian Coles is a Pardot lead architect…with a twist! I was looking forward to this conversation with Brian because he is quite an extraordinary person.

I first met Brian when he offered to speak for the London marketer’s Pardot user group, earlier this year. The blurb for the talk set a solid premise to our conversation. Titled “How to Become a Marketing Trailblazer”. Brian Coles, Marketing Automation Architect and long-time Marketing Trailblazer, shares his story…on sharing his story.


Hear about how Brian has seen “some weird stuff out there (his world travel), and even weirder stuff in organisations”, having managed 3000+ email marketing campaigns over a decade – plus other lessons from his upcoming book: “Your Marketing Automation Journey & Tales from the Real World”.

To cut to the chase, I was keen to talk to Brian about the two passions that we share in common; Marketing Automation and Travel. I’m envious that Brian has managed to combine the two. Watch the recording to hear about:

  • A couple of Brian’s trips around the planet on a motorbike, including his first trip: Alaska to Argentina (solo!)
  • Why Brian advocates taking time out of work (and travel), important to get out there and see beyond the bubble we live in,
  • The best marketing advice he’s heard during his decade long marketing career,
  • Why being a ‘Grade A’ listener is the most important quality as a marketer, (to elevate marketing’s image in most organizations, first, you must understand what their perception of marketing is).
  • The value of marketing to others internally that may come from different contexts in the organization (with different perceptions about marketing), and that resembles travelling (meeting other people, finding a common ground, understanding why they feel in a certain way, understanding the rationale behind reactions),
  • Why he wanted to write a book about marketing automation, and how his book is different from all the others out in the crowded market.
  • The billboard question: what would Brian write on a billboard, to broadcast a message to thousands of people, either for professionals within the Salesforce ecosystem, or within the marketing space, or just the general public?

“I would urge lots of people to do it; to go travelling for a long periods. You become so confident and you kind of grow roots out of your feet when you travel because you have to be confident when you travel, right? You get challenged in so many ways that can never happen otherwise, especially if you do solo travel.”



You can connect with Brian on LinkedIn, and visit the website for his upcoming book

Psst. by filling out the form, he will keep you posted on the release, and you will receive a discount too.



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