Demandbase & Pardot: a Tighter Integration to Extend ABM Analytics

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An announcement was made in late last week about an upcoming enhancement that will bolster Pardot’s analytics power when it comes to Account-based Marketing (ABM).

Bring in Demandbase: the makers of the only comprehensive AI-enabled ABM platform on the market, strengthen the integration with Pardot/Salesforce, and the result? A new breed of ABM Analytics Pardot customers haven’t experienced before.  


What is Account-based Marketing (ABM)?

The Roadblocks to ABM

Successful ABM execution means treating the contact as an individual (persona marketing), while aggregating the activity at the account level… then rolling it out at scale across all target accounts. Oftentimes a lot of manual checking and data processing goes in to getting these marketing insights into a sales team readable format – that is, to give each team the information they need, straight up, to know when to take action.


Demandbase Value-add

ABM Analytics aims to build up a ‘comprehensive account view’ for each potential customer on your business’ target list. What value would will Demandbase add?

  • Has patented identification technology: grabs IP addresses and maps them to the correct company – regardless of who technically owns the IP address.
  • Has AI capabilities: for recognising trends (predictive intelligence)

So, in addition to current tracking capabilities across advertising (adtech), web analytics, and marketing automation, Demandbase will cast the net wider and highlight real-time intent insights, that is, picking up on early buying signals that otherwise would go missed. For example:

  • Which key contacts are looking at what pages on the website
  • What relevant keywords and topics they are researching online
  • News mentions  

From 400 million B2B visitors every month on the Demandbase network, there are more than 60 billion B2B monthly interactions available for Demandbase to monitor, identify signals, and make actionable insights. Most important of all (to Pardot customers), Demandbase will crunch these numbers alongside your Salesforce/Pardot data, to tie it all together, and make sense of the sometimes-fuzzy world of ABM.

Where does Einstein ABM play?

See this statement from Michael Kostow, SVP & GM, Salesforce Pardot:

“Einstein ABM arms teams with the insights necessary to deliver personalized campaigns and build relationships with their most valuable accounts. This integration with Demandbase further complements Einstein ABM, driving even more success for our customers.”

Demandbase: One to Watch

Demandbase are a Salesforce ISV, which means their technology is certified and scrupulously tested before release.

Demandbase also appear a vendor to watch – in addition to being a Salesforce ISV, they have received investment from Salesforce Ventures and were a Gartner Cool Vendor for Tech Go-To Market in 2016.

The new functionality will be available to Pardot and Demandbase customers in June 2018.



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