10 Must-see Pardot Sessions at Dreamforce

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Dreamforce is an event that brings together professionals working on all aspects of the Salesforce platform, and as a result, the number of sessions available to you can be overwhelming (all 2700+). Pardot is one product niche in an ecosystem of countless products and specialisations. When filtering for Pardot-specific sessions on the sessions list, 63 results appear – which is still a big number, considering the heralded advice to not over-stuff your schedule and leave room for spontaneous activities!

So, what sessions should Pardot specialists and users target? As Pardot matures and is increasingly part of the integrated platform approach, we see more sessions on the Dreamforce line-up that include both introductory content, as well as deep-dive sessions. Naturally, there’s a bit push on Analytics, as well as new technology and tactics B2B Marketing is swooping into. Here’s the list of 9 I recommend you bookmark in your agenda.


Note: where you see (1) or (2) on the session pages, this indicates this session will run more than once.

1. Pardot Product Roadmap: The Future of B2B Marketing and Beyond

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The Roadmap sessions are where Salesforce showcase product future features in more detail. I recommended the Roadmap session as one of the top things all marketers should add to their Dreamforce Checklist, because while less of a performance compared to the Keynotes, the sneak-peek on offer makes it thrilling nonetheless!

In these sessions, you can expect in-depth demos of 2019’s top product enhancements, including the fully-loaded Winter ‘20 release. Get a glimpse into the forward-looking enhancements coming in the 2020 product roadmap (and beyond), with product mock-ups to get you even more excited. I recommend this especially for Pardot Consultants and Admins that have thorny challenges to overcome in their organisation.

2. Making it Rain: The Evolution of Measuring Marketing Success

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The movement from Lead Generation, to Demand Generation, to Integrated Marketing, to Account-Based Marketing is a journey that organisations are on. Hear from this “5x veteran of B2B marketing”, as we are shown how marketing performance measurement is evolving – what I like about this, is how logically these phases of marketing will be outlined in their sequential order.

3. Beyond Prospects: Using Pardot to Win and Grow Customers for Life

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It’s a well-known fact that your existing customer database is ‘low hanging fruit’, more lucrative than acquiring new leads. Plus, word of mouth marketing is powerful, and budget-efficient. Come to this ‘Circles of Success’ roundtable to discuss leveraging your existing customer base (note: it’s first-come, first-serve and have limited capacity).

To me, this session is interesting as it continues Pardot’s mission to move towards multi-touch attribution away from it’s ‘first-touch-focused’ reputation (think connected campaigns and B2B Marketing Analytics as spearheading this transition).

4. How to Focus on the ABM Metrics that Matter

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There’s a big push on Account-based Marketing (ABM) at Dreamforce this year. ABM isn’t new, but accessing an ABM strategy is becoming increasingly accessible for marketers. To me, ABM ensures marketers are taking a step back from the marketing minutiae, and placing their time, energy and budget where the biggest yield is promised.

A Research Analyst from Forrester Research will lead this session and share the new set of metrics we should be using to justify a shift from a lead-centric mindset to an account-centric approach when pitching to the rest of the business stakeholders in our organisations.

If you want a more practical session on kicking off ABM, check out “How to Engage and Grow Customer Relationships with Account-Based Marketing” – or if you have B2B Marketing Analytics but haven’t used the ABM reporting included yet, go to this workshop: “Supercharge Your Account-Based Marketing with Actionable Analytics”.

5. Salesforce on Salesforce: Building Sales and Marketing Alignment

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“Ever wondered how Salesforce does sales enablement?”. Who better to hear from than leaders in the sales and marketing software space on how they handle product launches, and an insider’s view into some of their most successful campaigns. This is one to bring the Head of Sales/Business Development to, acting as the neutral ground that could spark quality conversations about where you will take revenue generation as a business in 2020. \

6. A Marketing Ops Story: How We Used Apps to Stop the Blame Game & Increase Growth

Session Link

On the subject of Sales and Marketing alignment, let’s think about Lead Assignment. Lead Assignment is the final hurdle, where marketing handover leads to sales – but are you confident your leads are getting the follow-up they deserve? It’s frequently a topic marketing and sales squabble over.

Although this session is based around a specific AppExchange app (Distribution Engine), there’s definitely something we can all take away from this session on taking Lead Assignment to the next level.

7. Become a Social Listening Master

Session Link 

Social listening is becoming increasingly important for B2B businesses, to keep on top of what the world is broadcasting about your organisation on social media. Social Studio is Salesforce’s social listening product (part of Marketing Cloud), but this session promises to cover best practices for establishing effective social listening, so will be valuable whether or not you decide to buy into Social Studio.

If you’re interested in pivoting towards B2C for B2B marketing, check out this session too: “Customer Love: Create B2C Experiences for Your B2B”.

8. How I Built This: Drive Online Revenue with B2B Commerce and Pardot

Session Link

Interested in E-Commerce for B2B? Don’t miss this session.
It will be interesting to see how product combinations are showcased (Pardot and B2B Commerce), and how closely they integrate. It will be a prime opportunity to get your questions answered!

9. Using Human Centered Design to Achieve Rapid Innovation

Session Link

This session made it on to my list, not just because it’s delivered by a fellow Brit, but because it touches on aspects of running projects and delivering innovation where corners are often cut. Pardot is a product that’s rapidly evolving and means our change management process deserves consideration.

Hailing from the UK, the Platform Owner at St. James’s Place Wealth Management (the UK’s largest wealth manager, in fact) will share how they successfully executed their digital transformation in a short period, including: design-led principles to align on a vision, creating an appropriate governance model and delivery roadmap, and build the self-sufficiency to accelerate digital transformation.

10. Marketing Keynote: The New Decade of Data, Trust and Engagement

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Keynote sessions are the main presentation about a specific product, industry or topic. They cover the current situation, the challenges being faced, and what direction Salesforce want to take going forward.

There’s a new approach, it seems this year, merging the two product-specific B2B Marketing Keynote (Pardot) and B2C Marketing Keynote (Marketing Cloud) into one uber-keynote. This makes sense; there’s an increasing cross-over, as B2B Marketing begins to adopt technology and tactics that were previously B2C orientated. Although the products and concepts differ, I think it’s about time that Pardot marketers got a glimpse into Marketing Cloud, and vice versa.

Adam Blitzer, CEO, Marketing Cloud, will lead the spectacle, featuring Zoom, Berluti by LVMH, and Bay Area Rapid Transit. Clear your calendar for this one!

BONUS: 5 Tips for Writing Awesome Salesforce Community Content

Session Link

Yes, it may not be strictly Pardot related, but the session I will be leading at Dreamforce this year is a good fit for B2B Marketers – after all, here at Salesforceben.com, we are writing content for business users, and have experience working with the Salesforce Partner Ecosystem to promote their products.

The Salesforce Community is fertile ground, ready for ideas to flourish through writing or producing content. Join me to learn how to write better content including the choosing topics, appealing to the readers, structuring your content, jargon-busting, SEO tips, and distribution.

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