Sync Companies House Data with this AppExchange App

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Working in the consultancy space, we are tasked with coming up with solutions for our clients most complex issues. In the analysis phase of any project, researching solutions for any particular problem might come in a variety of formats. For any consultant, developer or admin, the first port of call is almost always standard configuration, closely followed by custom development if the problem cannot be solved with point and click functionality. However, there is a third option that is sometimes a lot more cost-efficient, the AppExchange!

I’m sure that everyone reading this is familiar with the AppExchange to some degree, but if not, it’s Salesforce’s very own App Store, that contains pre-configured applications to solve a variety of business problems.

The other day I was faced with this very issue, trying to find a solution to sync accurate data about a company to Salesforce. This would enable the client to automatically find out the address, company number, company status, and contacts related to that company. This exact scenario requires integration in order to pull this from an external database, and I was delighted to find that instead of custom development that was out of the clients budget, there was an AppExchange App (NB. This App is currently only available for UK customers).

Companies House Sync

Companies House Sync is an extremely easy to use Application that can be set up in under 5 minutes. It enables you to access the UK Companies House database in order to link Accounts & Contacts to automatically sync information across to Salesforce. After installation (Free trial available), you will be able to see a search box on your page layout, this enables you to search companies house, and eventually link a Salesforce Account to a Companies House Account.

After the correct Account has been selected, you may link this by clicking “Sync Selected Company”. This will then sync all relevant data to the Salesforce Account, while giving you the option to sync contacts as well.


– Account Data Import – The Application will update your Account record with relevant information from the Companies House record.

– Contact Data Import – The Application will import Contact records under the Account

– Daily Sync – As well as the initial sync, you can set up a daily sync that runs to update the Accounts & Contacts with the latest information.

– Filing History – You are also able to download documentation of the companies directly from within Salesforce.

Check it out here and download a free trial!

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