Spring ’17 – Classic UI Features

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Drum roll please…A new release is coming up soon to our Salesforce production orgs, the latest Salesforce Release notes are out and full of great Lightning Experience features. We know that some features are not yet available on Lightning Experience, however it is a gap which through every release is getting smaller. Yet, some customers are still in preparation for the assessment stage prior to making the move to the Lightning Experience. For all of you, here are some of my favourite upcoming capabilities that will be available in Salesforce Classic:


In Winter’17 Visual Flows got an extreme make over with a Lightning Skin, which was a beta feature. Now it is generally available, including for Classic UI. So it is as well the flow fields arrangement in two columns.

This may be a good way to ‘wow’ your users and get buy-in for a Lightning Experience migration.

Einstein Appearance!

After all that jazz about Einstein, we finally get a taste of its early days of this AI built into the Salesforce platform, and this is for free!

In Classic we get to see Sales Cloud Einstein Predictive Lead Scoring and Lead Insights. this is specifically using your very own company’s conversion patterns.

Leads can be prioritize by score, see the fields that actually influence the scoring, Lead Insights periodically re-analyzes your historical leads and updates the scores for your current leads accordingly.

Want to learn more about Salesforce Einstein and how it can transform your CRM with smart predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation? How better than with Trailhead (the fun way to learn salesforce)

Image shows Lightning UI

I’ve ‘reCaptcha’!

Now webforms generated via web-to-case & web-to-lead includes reCAPTCHA.

What is reCAPTCHA? It’s a system designed to establish that a computer user is human (normally in order to protect websites from bots). From new generated forms it will include a widget that requires customers to select a checkbox before they can create a case or lead. This is extremely useful for high volume websites that may be getting a lot of spam.

Contracts and Orders: Lights, Camera, Action!

Global actions have been added for Contracts & Orders.

I am a fan of Global Actions I must confess, you can add them any page that supports actions, like the Home page, the Chatter tab, and object pages. For example, add a ‘Log a Call’ action to global layouts to let users record call details right from a Chatter thread.

Actions are a great ‘productivity boost’, it reduces clicks and if you set them up  in a smart way with predefined values, you will be loved by your Salesforce users. The more fields you can set predefined values for, the more you can remove from the layout and make the action easier and quicker to use. Of course you must balance ease of use with the need for required information.

It is worth mentioning that Actions are the ‘future’ of what currently in Classic UI may be using buttons for. If I have now intrigued you about actions, here it is the implementation guide to get you started.

There are of course many more features available in Classic, such as the console now can access External Objects, use of Omni-channel rather than skills to route chats, beta Gmail/Google sync, ‘Health Check’ enhancements… but let’s not get too excited in this one post.

A hedgehog around flowers?, for spring?, classic.

Which ones are your favourite Classic features coming soon on #Spring’17 Release?

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  1. Thanks for this! Sometimes I feel like I have wade through so much about text Lightning to find out what effects Classic. It’s nice to know what available in Lightning for when you make the change but meanwhile I need to know what helpful updates are available to me now.

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