Solving the Shortage of Salesforce Professionals

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From a recruitment perspective the Salesforce market across the UK and Europe is notoriously job heavy and candidate short.

One of the fundamental problems is there just aren’t enough partners looking at a succession plan of good quality resources in place already who they are bringing through the ranks. It is very rare that Junior or Internship opportunities come up at partners.

This gives the market a few glaringly obvious problems; not only do resources for businesses cost a worrying amount compared to other IT vendors (the only way to get talent into your business is to steal a competitors and pay them more) but this also means that the current workforce is ageing and inevitably the skills they possess will become so rare that they become non-existent! Imagine that!
With the skills shortage in mind there are some solutions open to you without having to reinvent the wheel.  The most common choice is using offshore resources which, although a good quick fix, isn’t sustainable in the short or medium term. Clients demand proximity, agility and local language skills. Not even mentioning probable issues with visa processing times and difficulties with time zones, this, in my opinion, is not a sustainable idea.

Ana Recio, head of global recruiting at Salesforce stated they are hiring “6,000 people a year to fuel its 30% growth”.

So what’s the answer to all of the above and how can we service this demand?
Well, Cognizant announced a number of weeks ago at the Barcelona Salesforce Essentials event a strong case to address all of these issues; The European Customer Success Centre based in Barcelona.

Opening its doors in the coming months, The ECSSC plans on having over 500 associates at their disposal within 4 years.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan mecca! Not only does it have excellent transport links to ensure you can be in meetings in London or Frankfurt in the blink of an eye but it also has a diverse talent pool to support succession into the Salesforce eco-system. Interestingly, this isn’t just a near shore delivery centre, it is a hub for a responsive European travel-ready pool for on-site augmentation across delivery, consulting and advisory.  In my opinion, this is an excellent piece of succession planning. They are also looking to partner with local universities to encourage pre-graduates to join the Salesforce Global Academic Alliance (affiliated to Cognizant and Salesforce) which comes with real opportunities for a career at the end of the programme.

Cognizant’s European Customer Success Centre in Barcelona is something no other partner has in play at the moment and there’s some real scale to it.

This will not just benefit the European market either. One of the reasons Barcelona was picked as a location was because of the diverse talent pool. This ensures the engineering and development skills that are honed here better serve the whole of Europe. This is the first partner who are taking serious strides in addressing the instability with the Salesforce eco-system and other partners should take note of this, ensuring similar planning is in place within their business model.

This I know will not work with all partners, those at Silver and Gold level are as guilty with a lack of succession planning and certainly don’t have the resources in place to set up a Customer Success Centre abroad. What can we do I hear you cry? Well, stay tuned for my next blog to discuss that very point.

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