Service Cloud Certification Guide & Tips [UPDATED 2019]

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As some of you may have recently noticed, in February 2019, Salesforce updated their Salesforce Certification Guide for taking the Service Cloud Consultant Exam. As part of the update, there are now additional sections, and there is a different set of weighting applied.

First up though a couple of notes on passing the exam. You need 63% correct out of the 60 questions, so that’s roughly 38 questions you need to get right. You are allowed 105 minutes to complete the exam and it does not seem that they ask the extra five questions that show up on some of the other exams.

Next up are the sections that exam is broken into. There are 9 in total.

Industry Knowledge

This is where they see how much knowledge you have in the industry. The questions are going to be geared towards how you are strategizing use of different channels, how to get to different reporting metrics, like KPIs. In this section, you may see questions about the different types of contact centers and why you would use one over the other.

Make sure to try completing the Service Cloud Superbadge to test your knowledge.

Implementation Strategies

Since this is a consultant exam, Salesforce’s goal is to ensure you are prepared for consulting on different implementation strategies based on different scenarios. You are likely to see scenario based questions that are focused on consulting and directing successful customer engagement.

  • While short, white papers are another way to see how others implement Service Cloud – here is one from Salesforce.
  • Also, take a look at these customer stories.

Service Cloud Design Solution

This section is all about how you are going to design the system. The customer has goals to which you need to decide which aspects of Service Cloud provide the right tools and results to achieve those goals. Here you can expect to see scenario based questions to get you to respond on how you would design the system.

  • Here is a good Trail for making sure you know your way around the Lightning side of things:

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge-base product is a critical aspect of the Service Cloud setup, so no surprise that they maintained this section. This section is more technical than the previous three. Salesforce expects you know how to set up Knowledge articles, how the categories need to be set up, and the security around it. Also, you should know how to migrate from Classic to Lightning and increase adoption across users.

  • Salesforce documentation for understanding Knowledge is super helpful.
  • Want to a watch Salesforce set it up? Check this video out.
  • Also key, and always faithful, is Trailhead.

Interaction Channels

In today’s world there are many interaction channels; phone, email, phone, chat, and social media. Salesforce expects that you understand how these different interactions play into the Service Cloud setup and which tools to use in correspondence to the channel. In this section think about best practice, as well as, implementation strategy.

  • Integral to Channels is Omni Channel – check out this Trailhead for more:
  • Oh and this one!

Case Management

Cases are the backbone of the Service Cloud package, so it is no wonder that this accounts for 15% of the exam. You should be able to take a given scenario and design an implementation that goes from the opening of a case, through to closure, including reporting and KPIs. This section also includes more technical elements on topics like Entitlements and Milestones.

  • Here’s a project to test your skills at Entitlements:
  • To learn more about Case Management in general check out the Salesforce Documentation:
  • Lastly, if you want to learn about Email2Case check out my own article here.

Contact Center Analytics

This is a tiny section of the exam. The focus is on how to report for different stakeholder levels and different contact center types.

Integration and Data Management

As expected, when moving to Service Cloud, there is likely to be a previous or concurrent system. This is also a small section, testing concepts related to integration, including those with large data sets.

Service Console

Behind Cases, this is one of the most crucial elements to the Service Cloud as it enables reps to have everything they need at their fingertips. This part of the exam is testing your knowledge of how to implement Service Console in conjunction with presented business cases.

  • Ensuring you know how to set up th console is everything! Check out this module for more information:
  • A couple of links on Macros never hurt anyone!


  1. In addition to studying, make sure you get real-world experience under your belt. Getting a Consultant certification means from Salesforce that you have done a few projects hands-on and can provide real value to customers who need to implement Service Cloud.
  2. Make sure to read through the Salesforce Study Guide thoroughly. Besides the Study Guide, it does not hurt to check out the Trailheads and onsite/virtual courses that Salesforce provides for extra study material.
  3. Check out FocusonForce for some practice exams
  4. The process of elimination is your friend! If you can’t work out which answer is right, try and work out which answers are absurd!


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