Introducing SalesforceBen Jobs!

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I’m ecstatic to announce that after months of planning and collaboration with different members of the Salesforce industry, SalesforceBen Jobs is live!

The idea behind SalesforceBen Jobs came about after I myself was searching for a new opportunity online. Although the Salesforce industry is growing at a tremendous speed, it is still relatively niche. This means the big IT job boards you are going to look at will most likely be lacking in Salesforce opportunities. With the launch of SalesforceBen Jobs, my vision is to create a one stop shop, where members of the community can get career and job information, as well as easy access to live job opportunities around the globe. This has been kicked off with a number of recent posts around salary, career progression, job market and interviews.

Candidate Features

  • Easily view and search for jobs around the globe
  • View employer’s profile, including all open positions
  • Apply to individual jobs by uploading your CV
  • Submit an online resume which allows you to easily apply to jobs in a “one click” fashion
  • Set up job alerts for specific keywords and regions, to be emailed to you at intervals
  • Bookmark jobs

Employer Features

  • Set up a single company profile including links to your website and social media
  • Easily post jobs which are always related to your company profile
  • Manage all your active jobs from your dashboard
  • Receive email alerts for every applicant to your job
  • Manage all applications from your dashboard
  • Affordable price plans

Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback thus far and I really hope you like the site. If you have any thoughts on the site including suggestions, criticisms or features you would like to see in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me via social media or with the contact form at the top. Happy job hunting!

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