The Salesforce Strategic Agreement with Dell

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Salesforce further cemented the relationship between Dell Technologies by signing the multiyear strategic technology agreement on 24th May ‘2017. Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies quipped, “Salesforce is helping bring together all of our customer interactions across our family of businesses, which is huge for us, and with the addition of Einstein artificial intelligence, we can make each of those interactions smarter.”, On the other hand Mark Benioff couldn’t stop praising Michael and said, “Salesforce is excited to power Dell’s customer success, as Michael once again reshapes the technology landscape,”.

What does it Mean?

Salesforce will provide Dell Technologies a flexible platform to bring together sales, service, marketing and more, enabling a more unified customer experience. Dell Technologies customer contact centers worldwide will now have access to Service Cloud Einstein, integrating with the existing Sales Cloud footprint. In addition, the companies will use Dell Boomi’s leading cloud-native connection platform to rapidly move large volumes of data between the businesses.

Dell on the other hand plans to equip around 40000 Sales Representatives from the Global Sales team and 200000 channel partners to use Salesforce CRM platform and its various Sales and Marketing applications along with the Einstein, Salesforce’s native Artificial Intelligence platform. Einstein will enable its users with predictive analysis thus enhancing the customer experience by accurate and correct analysis.

This deal can be considered as an extension of already ongoing agreement signed by both the companies in April where Salesforce committed to use Dell EMC infrastructure in its data centers. Salesforce also promised to provision Dell Latitude laptops to all its 25000 employee base.


Both companies are technology pioneers in their own spaces and this strategic alliance creates a win- win for both the companies. It also strengthens the corporate ties between Salesforce and Dell which spans almost for a decade now. Mark concluded the interview stating,” well, you know, salesforce just turned 18. and you know that this year we’re passing $10.3 billion in revenue. We just reported our results last quarter, growing 25% for the quarter ( At this growth rate, no software company has ever grown faster. And what made that possible is cloud computing, not the horse. But the idea that companies don’t have to buy the software and hardware and capabilities to get going quickly. The reality is Michael has a phenomenal opportunity in front of him to help so many companies, not just ours, but so many companies be successful. But that means his sales, his service, his marketing needs to be deployed right now and he needs to create customer success right now. we are going to help him do that.”

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