Salesforce Sphere Top Posts Round-up: September Edition

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Oh man! To me it still feels like summer outside and even though I know fall is just around the corner, it almost came as a surprise that August brought us the Winter ‘19 pre-release notes! August for sure was a busy month with many bloggers digging through the releases and of course gearing up for Dreamforce ‘18 which is just like 3 weeks away! Oh and last but not least, the Salesforce Transit Center opened in sponsorship with Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning: Log a Call button does not appear in Activity component

Something that has been plaguing those who have moved over to Lightning was where the heck did the Log a Call and New Task disappear to? Well, SimplySFDC gives you a quick tutorial with some nice screenshots of how and where to get those pesky buttons back into your sales’ people’s lives. If you have been wondering the answer to this, well wonder no further.

Forcelandia Presos: Coding and Careers!

So in addition to all of the other exciting news this month, Forcelandia happened in Portland where Salesforce Coders united, including none other than David Liu. He presented about coding and careers in Salesforce. This article allows you to get access to his full presentation. If you know his style, you know you are going to love it and if you have never heard of him, I highly recommend checking it out.

Dreamforce 2018 Countdown Is On. Are You Ready?

Dreamforce is coming up in just a matter of weeks, ready or not, it’s going to be here in no time! Thanks to AlgoWorks, they have put together a quick summary of things to think about or plan to do while at Dreamforce. #4 on that list is to check out the Expo -Floor – this is going to be my go-to, maybe I will see you there?

Legitimate “URL Hacking” in Lightning Experience

As we all know when Lightning came into our lives our less than graceful URL hacks went out. Well, lucky for us Douglas Ayers brings us this a way to still use URL hacks in way that makes Lightning happy. Not going to lie, I think that this is absolutely brilliant! Also, if you do click on this make sure to upvote the ideas he has included as it will make many things, including items he did to achieve this much easier.

Salesforce Winter’ 19 Features

A new addition to the blogs I search through for this article each month, comes from Above and Beyond Cloud. I liked their edition of the Winter ‘19 Features as you can easily note the callouts and they have some really good screenshots. I think that item that most caught my eye is that the Metadata API is now available through REST! It’s short and to the point. If you want more Winter ‘19 release links, see the end of the article.

Three (and a half) things we learned this week

I thought as we conclude the summer, Salesforce Weekly’s post in its new format due to still in the summer unwind mode was just best. Have a quick peek at a quick post where you can learn some random but hopefully helpful things.


All I can say is DREAMFORCE IS COMING! I hope everyone gets a chance to breathe before we roll into the school year and enjoy Dreamforce!!

And here are those extra Winter ‘19 links:

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