Salesforce Sphere Top Posts Round-up: August Edition

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July has been a hot summer month with new finds and events, starting with the best list of parties to hit up at Dreamforce ‘18 to Australia Dreamin Down Under in Sydney. With the Summer ‘18 release fully in swing and everyone gearing up for a transition to Lightning this month was just packed full of goodies.

Introducing the Sample Gallery

This post was brought to you by Salesforce themselves and is about a new way to see how and what Salesforce in Lightning can mean for you. This is a place for both admins and developers to go and explore how the look and feel of Lightning can be for your team. If you are going to be transitioning soon, like so many of us are, this is a great place to stop along the way.

Defaulting List Views in Salesforce – It’s Finally Here!

This post is gaining quite a bit of traction in its spot on Reddit. Ben, from SalesforceBen, calls out in this article, something most of us probably missed; the ability to set a default List View! If you are in Classic, I am sorry, but this is just going to be another reason to switch, as it is only available in Lightning. Check the article to get the deets.

Managing a successful migration to Salesforce Lightning

You might be noticing a pattern here. After the Summer ‘18 release, the push to move to Lightning is greater than ever before. Luckily, Desynit, brings a great article this month about what it takes to make a successful move to Lightning. I think one of the most critical elements that they call out is Launching the Experience – you want to ensure that you don’t shortchange on the change management and you make sure your users come to love Lightning even more than Classic.

Salesforce Custom Development FAQs

I think in a time of transition as we are in now, some really important questions come up, especially if you are trying to figure out what the best way to customize Salesforce to your needs is. Nuvem, shared a really great FAQ that covers a broad range of development-related topics including which types of components to use and when to use a third-party app. If you are struggling to get a grip on what to do next, I recommend a read through of this article.

Getting Started with the Salesforce Command Line

There is a part 1 and part 2 from the great minds over at Salesforce.weekly on this getting started guide with Salesforce Command Line (CLI). While I have yet to take the tutorial myself, I have read through it and it high on my to-do list. If you are not yet familiar with any CLI tool, I highly recommend starting out with the Salesforce one as you will be pleasantly amazed at what you will be able to do.

Part 2 Link.

Scanning Cases for Malicious URLs

Lastly, a little something from me back to the community. Having worked in the cyber security industry for many years, I am well aware of the concerns about phishing attacks. I recently discovered that Salesforce does not have any mechanism in place to prevent malicious URLs that may come through Email to Case. So I have stepped in and created an open source tool that will you to better protect your internal end users.

Alright, so that it’s for the month of July and time to roll on into August. That means that Dreamforce is just around the corner!! Get your tickets while you still can! Also coming up in August is Forcelandia in Portland, a Salesforce Developer Community sponsored event.

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