Salesforce Sphere – May Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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It’s April and the Salesforce World Tour is still in full swing. In addition to the tour, Salesforce has announced the dates for Dreamforce ‘18 and already encouraging folks to save the date! During the month we also got a look at what is coming in Summer ‘18 with new release notes (more on that below). Also, for any CPQ (previously Steelbrick) users out there, fantastic news came out that starting in Summer ‘18, CPQ will update automatically, no more trying to remember to manually take that step.

Are you GDPR-ready when it comes to your Salesforce Backups?


Gearing up for next month, Lee Aber, from OwnBackup, gives a thorough but brief dive into what you should be thinking about when it comes to your backups and the impact that GDPR may have on them. While Salesforce is taking actions of its own, data from Salesforce still exits the system, for example in backups, and preparations need to be made for the May 26th date. If you deal with EMEA data, I highly recommend taking a read through this article posted on SalesforceBen.

Salesforce: Opportunity Team Report

While the information in this article is not new or earth shattering, I think it is an absolute necessity for the documentation files for user training. I know, personally, that we have many users creating their own reports, and I get questions all of the time about the differences in the lingo and the team typed reports. SimplySFDC provides a fantastic breakdown description of each term with a snapshot to go with it. I definitely recommend adding this to your user training documentation.

Managing a List of New Records with Lightning Components

Coming in from the Bob Buzzard tutorial blog, this article gives a great how-to for setting up a lightning component page for creating Accounts en masse. Surprisingly, Salesforce doesn’t offer something like this out of the box, but this article can give your users a quick and easy way to create multiple records directly in the UI, no upload required. With a little bit of teasing, I am sure that this could be converted to just about any object.

3 Things to Ask Before Implementing Salesforce Community Cloud

Recently I have seen an influx in posts related to Salesforce Community Cloud and have even been hearing rumblings from folks I know considering it as an option. Internet Creations, a consulting company, provides a quick 1,2,3 of things to think about and ask before going to the route of Community. I think that their questions are on point and I will be bookmarking this post for myself for later. Hopefully, you find it helpful too!

Habits every Programmer should have

From MakePositive, Ankita Gupta brings us a list of 10 habits that every programmer should have. As someone who is in the process of transitioning from Admin to what I like to call DevAdmin, I found this list to be very valuable and plan on instilling them into my own career as much as possible. This advice though is not just for a junior developer, any programmer can benefit from them, and since many are generic and well-rounded they can also be applied to someone who is working as an Admin.

Summer can’t come soon enough!

As noted above, Summer ‘18 release notes came out in the middle of the month. Salesforce Weekly takes us through a very brief highlights of some of the new features for Lightning. I think that the best callout is that fact that Path will now be available for Contacts, isn’t that sweet?! Looks like Summer has a lot of Cool in store for us!


Since Summer is on it’s way, make sure to check out the Trust site from Salesforce to see when your environments will be switching over. Many orgs will get Previews in May, with the rest rolling out in June. Also coming our way in May is GDPR, so make sure you and your staff are prepared. May also continues the Salesforce World Tour with location stops like London and Paris, so check it out to see when one might be coming near you! Finally, if you were ever interested in learning to build an app, whether you are an admin or developer, check out the “Be a Builder” program going on right now from Salesforce.

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  1. Appreciate the summary! I cannot locate in the Release Notes what you mentioned about the following – are you able to point me to the specific section in the release notes where I can find this to know more? Much Thanks

    “Also, for any CPQ (previously Steelbrick) users out there, fantastic news came out that starting in Summer ‘18, CPQ will update automatically, no more trying to remember to manually take that step.”

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