Salesforce Sphere – June Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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The month of May was not too busy of a month but there were some big milestones that came up. First GDPR went into effect and this pretty much had an impact on the entire globe even if you aren’t in Europe. Next, May 22nd marked the official open for business day for the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. Lastly, Forbes awarded Salesforce as #3 most innovative company in the world!

Eliminating Salesforce Passwords with Lightning Login

AdminHero brings great news with this article about Lightning Login. Finally Salesforce has found a way to be gone with passwords. As long as you are in Lightning (sorry Classic users, myself included), you can now use your phone as a means of authenticating and logging into Salesforce without needing to remember a password. If you are Lightning make sure to check this one out!

Salesforce: Picklist Default Value

While the actual ability to set a default value based on user or other criteria came out back in Summer ‘17, this is the first article that has clearly given some scenarios in how to benefit from it. Beyond setting the checkbox for default, until I read this article I was unaware of this functionality and it is quite the gem. I highly recommend taking a gander through this short but pointed article.

Adding Clicks not Code Extensibility to your Apex with Lightning Flow

Andy in the Cloud this month brings a special article that got featured on Salesforce. While a bit more technical than others, this article brings together a common ground for both the developer and the admin, which is the use of flow. His article dives into how Flows can be used not just for starting processes and then call an APEX class, but that they can also be used in reverse. If you have any interest in learning more about how Flows work and the open source class he built to help make this process possible, make sure to check this out.

How to Do Dreamforce Remotely

This article was a sight for sore eyes! With Dreamforce registration now open, everyone is going to be getting in line to get their tickets. However, as one of those folks who sadly won’t be attending this year’s grand event, it was nice to see an article, from Salesforce Weekly, about how to attend it without attending it live in person. If you are like me and will be stuck at home, make sure to give this a quick read!

Normalizing Account Billing Address

While I don’t normally bring myself into these articles, this month SF9to5 brought a new open source tool to the Salesforce community. A set of APEX classes and a trigger that can be used to help you normalize your account billing addresses. We all have those users who are not the best at manually inputting data and this setup, which calls the Google Maps API helps to solve that. Working in both Lightning and Classic, this tool can help you clean up your billing addresses and maybe your accounts too!


As previously mentioned in the article registration for Dreamforce ‘18 is on! Make sure to get on the list before the sell out. Also, coming up is the Production release of Summer ‘18, so make sure to check out #Ready4Summer18 and the Summer ‘18 trailmix. Lastly, I found a couple more goodies for Summer 18 that you may enjoy:
Nesting Folders / Sub-folders for Reports, Dashboards, Email Templates, etc.

Summer’18: Rethink Trigger Logic with Apex Switch

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