Salesforce Sphere Top Posts Round-up: June Edition

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Ahh, the wonderful time of summer, when the sun is shining and the people are on vacation (or watching the world cup) and the blogs dry up a bit. June definitely showed signs of slowing down as people take their vacations and enjoy the summer holiday. While there are not events to check out, here are some interesting posts that range from getting a job abroad to getting more agile to tide you over.

Consultant2Contractor – International Contracting

This article really caught my eye because of the idea of international contracting for Salesforce roles has always been one of those dreamy moments. Luckily, we have Matt Wade from to keep those dreams in check. He takes you through with finite thought and detail about what it means and the steps necessary to actually do a contractor role abroad. If you have ever been interested in taking that leap, I highly recommend taking a look through this article.

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Getting Started with Process Builder – Part 88 (Learn How to Designate a Recipient to Receive Error Emails – for Flow And Process!)

Don’t let the long title fool you, this is a quick and easy how-to for a feature that came out in Summer ‘18. As part of the new release, Salesforce finally granted us some better error messages on flows and process builders (thank goodness!!), and with that came a nifty functionality of setting up who can receive the emails for all of those pesky error messages. If you are responsible for handling the bugs in your org, this article is meant for you.

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Sharing your Salesforce App on Github

So less Salesforce newsworthy, but newsworthy nonetheless. Last month, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring Github. Github is a great place for open source sharing and for private maintenance of your org’s work by using their repository. Bob, from Bob Buzzard Blog, gives a great explanation of the hows and whys of using Github with Salesforce, including using it to store your metadata. If you are interested in keep a clean and up-to-date copy of your Salesforce metadata, make sure to check this out.

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Be more Agile with Continuous Improvement

This article, brought to you by Salesforce Weekly, shows that the new buzzword (or really term) in the Salesforce sphere (and the tech industry in general), is Continuous Integration. For the last few years, everyone has been getting on the agile train, tracking their plans through sprints and keeping on top what’s going on. With Continuous Improvement, the process becomes improved by adding the ability to keep updating, while also maintaining testing and the general roll out of large/new features. This article gives a nice walkthrough of how you can envision using Continuous Improvement alongside agile development in your org.

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Move Over, JavaScript Buttons and Make Room for the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter!

A new Salesforce tool has been released and boy is it a doozy! One of the most potentially time consuming and bigger deterrents to moving to Lightning is the idea that you will have to convert all of those JavaScript buttons to Quick Actions or Lightning Components. Well, Salesforce heard us loud and clear and created a tool that helps you with the conversion of those buttons. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it is high on my list, maybe it should be for you too?!

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Concluding Thoughts 

Hopefully July will bring many more new and exciting things to share, but in the meantime, make sure you are getting yourself registered for Dreamforce ‘18 and don’t forget to check out your local user groups.

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