Salesforce Sphere – January Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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Whoo! Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019! I hope you all had a happy and healthy New Year Celebration! The Salesforce world in the last month of 2018 was a pretty quiet one, which is to be expected since most folks are enjoying friends, family, and of course food. However, there was one big thing released in the month of December, the Spring ‘19 release notes and boy they are a doozy. They have an announcement like no other (although if you have been watching the trend, it may not have taken you by surprise). They announced that in Winter ‘20 release, Salesforce will start AUTO turning ON Lightning for ALL. Alright, well now into the few gems I found for the month.

Salesforce Spring ’19 Release Date + Preview Information

As noted in the intro, Spring is coming and let’s hope with lots of sunshine and flowers. SalesforceBen brings us his usual handy dandy guide to understanding when Spring will come to your org and what steps if any you may need to take. If you haven’t already read through this I highly recommend doing so soon.

Migrating to Lightning – Costs, Tools, Tips, Best Practices

Continuing on the Lightning spiel I’ve got going here, Shell Black this month brought us a fantastic article with lots of useful information needed for handling the dreaded move to Lightning. While it may be a scary thing to think about going down the path to Lightning is now inevitable. If you are just starting down this path, or in fact haven’t really thought about it yet, I would definitely advise reading this one start to finish.

Best Practices For Cleaning and Maintaining Salesforce Data [Infographic]

While not Lightning or Spring 19 related, this is an important one for all no matter the season, but can be even more important before doing a Lightning migration. Nuvem has brought us this wonderfully designed infographic treating Salesforce as the house that needs a bit of clean up (you know you need this). They provide steps and suggestions for how to get your house cleaned up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Build your own Lightning Component

Thank you Salesforce Weekly for this timely post. So you want to build a… Lightning Component… well, now it’s time to start. With this lovely post, you can….get the digest of how to do it fast (hint: read as Frozen song).

I hope you like my little winter diddy and of course enjoy the article.

Mass Action Scheduler 2.0

This tool is brought to you by Douglas Ayer. The article reviews the updates he has made to his open sourced tool, which is described as having the ability to help you “Declaratively schedule Process Builder, Flows, Quick Actions, Email Alerts, Workflow Rules, and Apex to process records from Reports and List Views. All with clicks not code.” There are so many ways that this can be used and the fact that you don’t need code makes it all the better. He also added an SOQL function, so if you did want to get deeper than a list view or a report you are now able to do that. This is one for your toolbox for sure.

Want to be an Early Adopter of the New Lightning Flow Builder? Welcome Aboard!

You may start to see a pattern with these posts, because this one is also related to Spring 19. In the new release, Flow Builder is getting a much needed facelift and Rakesh Gupta is here to take you through that new world of how to use this nifty newfangled tool. The biggest benefit I think all will see, beyond of course a brand new UI, is that the new Flow Builder no longer uses Adobe Flash, which is being retired in 2020. While this is a pretty long post, if you used Flow before, then this is a post for you to get on the train early!

Again, a Happy New Year to all. May 2019 be a happy Salesforce filled and Appy-ly wonderful year. As a recap in December we had the Spring 19 release, Japan Dreamin happened and we learned that Lightning is coming, for real now. Don’t forget to check out user groups near you.


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