Salesforce Sphere – January Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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January has proven to be a very eventful start of the year for Salesforce. For starters, they moved into their new building in San Francisco, which is actually now the largest building in the city. They also were also named the leader in Configure, Price, and Quote application suite by Gartner.  Also, if you had time for skiing and Salesforce learning you might have made it to Tahoe Dreamin and enjoyed some great sessions with some well-known folks in the industry.

Drive User Adoption with Next-Level Dashboards

LeeAnne Rimel from Salesforce bring us a really great in-depth view of how to make the most out of our reports and dashboards. A couple of the key points that I got from the article were:

1) Re-use a report on a dashboard if the only difference is minor filtering – or as she calls it “one report to rule them all” and

2) Making sure to use Optimizer to keep the system clean and fresh and rid of any unused reports.

If you are looking into running any dashboards or reports, I highly recommend taking a gander through this article.

Google Polymer And Salesforce Visualforce Table

As I noted last month, Google and Salesforce are playing together very well and have a great partnership going. Manpreet Singh, from ForceTalks, give us some more exciting Salesforce + Google news, with the ability to use the new Google Polymer, a javascript library, in combination with Visualforce to create lovely looking bootstrap style tables with minimal added code. While not for everyone, if you are table junky like me, check out the loveliness that can be produced by the combination of these 2 products.

Migrate Your Salesforce URL Hacks to Actions

This month, Ben himself, from SalesforceBen, brings us a hack for turning our URL hacks (you know you have them) into Actions. These Actions act in the same way as a URL hack button but are actually supported by Salesforce and can be used in both Lightning and Classic (and can be transferable from Classic to Lightning). Ben provides a great step-by-step guide for how to setup Actions that are object specific that I highly recommend booking marking for your next side-project.

Introducing Sample Components for Lightning Component Actions

While definitely on the codier side of Salesforce, Components are the next big and best thing for Salesforce. However, Hemant Bedekar, delivers good news in his blog about Sample Components. Sample Components are a type of Lightning Component that does NOT require code. I don’t know about you, but that makes me say YAY! Out loud. The biggest benefit is that now there is a simpler and faster way to convert JavaScript buttons to Lightning. If you are planning on moving to Lightning soon, make sure that you check this article as it can be a time saver.

Salesforce Lightning Interview QA

More and more companies are switching to Lightning. This means that they will be looking for folks who have experience with it both in the day-to-day and in the transition process. Luckily for us, Amit Singh, from SFDC Panther, has brought us a list of potential interview questions and answers that one might expect during an upcoming interview process. While only 10 questions long, it will definitely get you thinking about how to prepare for any Lightning related topics.

Workflow, Process Builder, Flow, or Apex?

At times, I feel that this decision process is becoming an age old question like to be or not to be. Trying to decide which of the multitude of flow options is the correct one can be challenging at best. But the master of Click vs Code, David Liu from, has brought us a lovely diagram depicting of when to use each of these 4 methods. This post leads you to his presentation from Tahoe Dreamin and it is not one to be missed!

That wraps up January. Don’t forget to vote for your new Salesforce MVP and if you haven’t yet, and get your tickets to TrailheaDX (I will see you there)! Oh and check out the Salesforce building in the new preview for Ant Man. See you next month on Salesforce Sphere!

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