Salesforce Sphere – December Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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Ho! Ho! Ho! and Happy Salesforce! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season and Salesforce have given us on Twitter some lovely holiday spirited posts to enjoy. The month was filled with tweets of Holiday songs turned into Salesforce tunes which were most gleeful to enjoy. Salesforce was also voted #1 as Most Innovated by Forbes. Along with all that fun, we also got to enjoy the Spring ‘18 release notes, which for those of you in cold places means Spring is just around the corner!

12 Days of Salesforce Christmas


Continuing in the spirit of the Holidays, Mike Gill from Salesforce Weekly gave us a lovely rendition of the 12 days of Salesforce. My favourite days were day 8, when we received podcasts about Salesforce (I personally didn’t know about any of them and can’t wait to give them a listen), and day 11 when we received 11 Salesforce blogs, which included some familiar faces and some new ones: JenLee, Automation Champ, Salesforce Ben, CloudGalacticos, radnip, sfdc99, andyinthecloud, Jitendra, weinforce, Bob Buzzard and Admin Hero. Hope you enjoyed this cute song themed Salesforce!

How Sales Forecast Accuracy Helped Dave Apthorp Leave The Building

This month Gary Smith from the Gary Smith Partnership wrote about a topic I feel all of us in the Sales Ops world have felt at one time or another, the idea that we thought our Opportunities would close on time and quota would be met. Of course, in the real world this never seems to happen quite as we expect, and Gary brings forth three trends to look at to catch an Opportunity slipping ahead of time: the Number of Close Date Month Extensions, the Number of Days since the last Stage Change and the Number of Days the Opportunity has been open. If you have ever felt like you have had this problem in your company I highly recommend having a read of this post.

Still on Salesforce Classic and need more reasons to switch to Lightning?

Abhilasha Dhamija, from MakePositive gives us Classic users some additional reasons (because we all have a list in our heads as it is) of why we should be moving to Lightning. The post gives 10 big reasons/features that would encourage most to make the switch over to Lightning. My personal favourites are number 7 and 8 which are all about Leads and your Sales Reps ability to be more productive than they are today in Classic. If you are still on the fence and want something to push you over the ledge, I recommend having a gander of this article.

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions & Answers

I was recently having a conversation with a colleague and we were talking about what some Salesforce interviews might look like in the land of Lightning. To my happy surprise, no more than a few days later I came upon an article written by Amit Singh from SFDC Panther on that exact topic. He gives a great list of 10 questions with answers that are specifically related to Lightning. If you are out there applying for jobs and the companies are looking for experience in Lightning, I highly recommend reading through the article and the related material Amit provides.

Salesforce Spring ’18 release quick summary

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, Spring ’18 release notes are out. So many bloggers write about this topic, but I found that Rakesh Gupta from Automation Champion, provided the most well-rounded summary of everything that can be found in the notes. The post is broken up into several sections, including Customer, Admin, and Developer allowing you to easily look for what you are most interested in. He also includes links everywhere so you will be able to get to the related section in the release notes with just a click. Enjoy this in-depth but concise summary of Spring ’18.

New Year’s Resolution: Going the Distance with Salesforce

As we all move into the New Year with our minds open to setting new goals, Salesforce comes to us with their own suggestion for a New Year’s resolution, making the most out of your Salesforce Org. Phrased in line with trying to get fit for the year, there are several questions Roger Solin thinks we should be asking ourselves about Salesforce in order to get it into shape for the long-haul. As someone who is always looking for ways to make Salesforce the best that it can be and serve both my end users and the customers my Sales Reps attend to, this article will be how I start my New Year out right and I think it can work for you too!

2017 has just come to a close and a fresh New Year is just beginning. 2018 will be sure to bring many new thoughts and innovations and I look forward to sharing them with you. Coming up in January we have Tahoe Dreamin and the last of the early bird tickets are on sale through January 26th for TrailheadX. Have a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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