Salesforce News Roundup – June 2015

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Welcome to June’s edition of the Salesforce News Roundup, bringing you the latest news from the Salesforce Ecosystem in a bitesize post. The buzz has well and truly started around Dreamforce with a cracking first episode of The Road to Dreamforce. This year I can join in with everyone else as I have got the news I will be heading over to San Fransisco this September! Summer ’15 has officially been released to all and there have also been some exciting acquisitions and forward looking news for Salesforce.

Road to Dreamforce

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Join Stacey, Catherine,  Erica, Julie and Marissa as they get us excited for this years Dreamforce, the worlds largest software conference. This episode is great for newbies to Dreamforce and veterans alike, as they take us through the basics of Dreamforce, what kind of experience you can expect including a rough layout, sessions, how to book and lots of other tips. We also got more of a glimpse about the Salesforce Dreamboat that is being brought in especially for Dreamforce to provide additional accommodation and conference space .Definitely one to check out this week, I’m looking forward to the next one!

Salesforce Brings Wave to Big Data

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Last year Salesforce announced Wave aka The Analytics Cloud at Dreamforce. Giving companies using Salesforce a Business Intelligence tool to collate and analyse the huge amount of information they are collecting on their CRM’s. Salesforce has now realised the potential this can bring to other systems and has teamed up with six big data players, Google, Cloudera, Hortonworks, New Relic, Informatica and Trifacta. Wave is seriously cool, and after seeing a few demos at SF1 London and through online webinars I can clearly see the power this can bring to Business Intelligence.

Try The Analytics Cloud Free!


Staying on the topic of the Analytics cloud for a minute. Forbes have done a brilliant write up of Wave giving us the low down on what type of data you can expect to analyse and just how easy it is to do it. Forbes test drive Wave using the free Playground version which is available here. If you are new to the Analytics cloud and are unsure how it differs from Dashboards & Reports, the Forbes article along with the free playground version of Wave are a great place to start. What this free version allows you to do, is play around with your own data and get to grips with visualising trends. You can play around with a fair bit of data as well with limits of 20M file size and 2,000 rows for a google spreadsheet. The main limitation being you cannot export this off of your computer.

Conga Secures $70M in funding

Conga, who many will know, are the creators of one of the post popular App’s for the AppExchange with over 500+ 5* Reviews. Conga announced last week that they have secured $70M in funding to meet growing demand for document generation & reporting in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Watch this space!

Salesforce Acquire Kerensen Consulting

Last week Paris were hosts to the Salesforce1 Tour and also some exciting news. Salesforce announced on the same day that they are opening a second French R&D center in its headquarters in Paris and have acquired Paris-based consulting firm Kerensen Consulting, one of the leading Salesforce partners in Europe. Salesforce is making a clear push into Europe which has been demonstrated by Marc Benioff attending both Paris & Munich Tours for two years in a row now.

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