Salesforce Job Trends in 2016

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Salesforce job Trends

Welcome to the first in a series of blogs which should (if I’ve done my job right) give you some insight in to the one thing I am paid to be an expert on, recruitment trends in Salesforce. This blog will share my top 3 hot topics that my clients are talking about when it comes to building their Salesforce teams.

Rest assured, I am not here to sell my recruitment services, nor am I here to advise anyone to work for my clients – truth be told, I’m a Salesforce geek and I am just here to share my knowledge on what you, as a candidate or employer, need to know in order to have a smooth and successful career or staffing process.

So, I think it would only be right to start the top three with the Holy Grail of the Salesforce ecosystem…

Technical Architect Certification & Academy

Every TA, Technical Consultant or Senior Developer will aspire to reach this level of accreditation and from an employer perspective, it is the most sought after level of candidate currently in the market. However, with currently only 182 across the world and a quarter of these located in the UK, a certified Technical Architect is very, very rare.

But times, they are ‘a changin!’ Certified TAs are about to be (a little) easier to reach.

Following feedback from aspiring certified TAs which described lack of support and study materials, Salesforce are looking to combat this gap in the candidate market with the creation of the Technical Architect Academy.

Through the Academy, passing the certificate is made a little easier and TAs finally receive the support they require. The Academy also allows individuals to delve deeper as they now have 3 new categories: Technical Architect, Domain Architect and Domain Specialist.

In truth, the Academy costs a small fortune. However, in the UK there are partners who are willing to put you on track to be Salesforce royalty. But how will they go about doing this, I hear you cry?

Well, I personally have clients who are willing to not only stump up the cash but to also help track and plan a career path to hit your goal as quickly as possible whilst you lead and shadow the more senior TAs in the organisation.

The market is buoyant and whilst being happy in your role may be secondary to being busy especially at this time of year, my advice is to ensure that there is a clear career plan in place for you with both short and long term objectives. If you can’t get it where you are, believe me, you can certainly find it somewhere else!

Will The Contract Heavy Market Last?

In my job all I seem to hear is… “It’s a very contract heavy market” and although this is true to a certain extent, the tide is turning. The UK government’s recent budget announcement highlighted the lower tax loophole for contractors and suggested it could be closed as early as April 2016.

Even before this announcement, perm salaries have been rising and salary bandings for equality and cash conscious businesses are being banished to stay competitive! From now on it looks as though contracting in the Salesforce eco-system will be a lot less lucrative. Trends that I’m experiencing are a number of contractors I am currently working with are seeking my help to move into a permanent role.

April 2016 could see an influx of contractors looking to go perm. But, could this make end users and partners more selective in their recruitment process? In my opinion, I believe this will have a heavy influence and could transform what is currently a candidate lead market to a client driven market.

Head in the (Marketing) Cloud

According to Bluewolf’s ‘The State of Salesforce Report’ Marketing Cloud will be one of the biggest growth areas in 2016. The two new Marketing Cloud certifications announced this year would certainly seem to be adding fuel to the fire.

Candidates with Pardot or Marketing Automation experience are the most sought after by my clients, welcomed with open arms and given less defined and restrictive job descriptions when it comes to utilising their skills within

Although there aren’t a huge amount of Marketing Automation Consultants currently in the market, you should expect to see that change, and soon. You will also see marketers who work for a Partner take on a dual role and do more in Pardot and MA.

Marketers, the time to diversify is among us.

For the marketers reading this and are interested, it could be a good time to ask some questions around how feasible this is in your current workplace.

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    Will, Ben, these are some awesome insights.
    Thank you very much for sharing this.

    Will I’ve a couple of questions about the future Job Trends, I will be emailing you about them.

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    What about entry level job seekers like Salesforce developers and admins? How promising are their careers if they choose Salesforce ?

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    Very good article. Definitely insightful as I just rolled off a contract here in the US. Any leads from anyone in the SF Bay Area, is most appreciated. Thanks!

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