Salesforce Job Trends in 2017

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Following on from last year’s Salesforce Job Trends, Ben asked me to put together something for this year.

2016 was a monster of a year for Salesforce – it broadened its suite spending $5 billion and with 12 enterprises joining one of Glassdoor’s Top 20 Best Companies to work for, they continue to battle for market share with a suite to rival Microsoft. But I’m not here to summarise the year there are plenty of other blogs and articles that can do that for me. I am here to offer you my opinion on what to look out for in 2017 and how to harness them to add value to your career.

Marketing Cloud Rises

2017 is the year of Marketing Cloud in its various different guises – this is where demand will continue to grow now that adoption across the current Salesforce eco-system has reached a peak. Last year we saw the smaller Marketing Automation Consultancies come to the party with needs to grow and now the larger Salesforce orientated houses are sitting up and paying attention. In my opinion, those of you with any kind of Marketing Automation experience this is the year where you can maximise your value, I don’t just mean money – there are some excellent opportunities and investment that is going into growing Marketing Automation Practices.

Prediction – Marketing Cloud will be the fastest growing product of 2017. Take advantage of this!

The Year Of Lightning

Lightning  has been meandering around the market for a couple of years since it was announced at Dreamforce without any real traction, now we come to a point where the early adopters are seeing some huge benefits – now most of the creases have been ironed out. Most importantly though Salesforce want it to be big, they are pushing hard and incentivizing the switch from Classic to Lightning. At the back end of last year more and more roles were looking for experience in Lightning in some way shape or form. In my opinion this will continue to grow – now is the time to get your mitts on it. Even if in your current role there aren’t any opportunities to work with Lightning, get on Trailhead and get learning!

Prediction – 2018 will be Lightning’s year – get all over this now to benefit from it next year!

The Demise Of Code?

Recent announcements have meant that Salesforce to new customers is very different to what it used to be.  The out of the box solution now doesn’t need huge amounts of Apex and Visualforce with the more advanced declarative tools that are now seen in both Classic and Lightning.

As the technical side of the market continues to have a skills shortage, this leads to it being largely saturated with contractors, and with this recent announcement I can only see that continuing – this means they will continue being paid at a premium.

However on the flip side to that, there will always be excellent permanent opportunities out there and these announcements mean salaries will continue to rise – so the salary gap shortens and the benefits to being in a perm role continue to grow. In my opinion if you can, learn to code. With these announcements your current business will be happy to help with Certification costs and the workload of projects. In turn you will become experienced in an area which will become even more specialist.

Prediction – Watch the demise of code in 2017. Which of course means it is time to start coding!

7 thoughts on “Salesforce Job Trends in 2017

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    We specialize in staffing for positions and are very busy! I see this trend continuing in 2017 for both contract and full time roles. I also see training spiking up as companies push to maximize ROI. Good article Will!

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    Have you ever used Marketing Cloud? It is a buggy piece of garbage, and I expect that rather than rising, you will see customers fleeing the product.

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    Pardot is cleaner I believe and we are going to implement soon, Marc didn’t spend the money for nothing. I just did a Circles of Success in Sydney this week and working on the ROI which will be good so can’t wait to implement – it looks great.

    I’m told Pardot will be brought into Marketing Cloud, at the moment their pitch is Pardot B2B and Marketing Cloud B2C but they will come together and improve – so now’s the time to get on board.

    Will – Agree about Lightning – I did my first Go-Live one Year ago and in my current Role as a Developer have only used Lightning. The benefits are really coming to fruition especially now the bar is back on top.

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    Thanks for sharing the valuable information here. So i think i got some useful information with this content. Thank you and please keep update like this informative details.

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    Good article Will. I’m just now starting to work with Marketing Cloud and it’s pretty cool. I also discovered that many cities have Marketing Cloud user groups. These user group meetings will be very helpful for sharing Mktg Cloud ideas, best practices, and networking.

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    Do you need Apex for being successful in implementing/supporting Pardot?
    I am a newbie Admin but have quite a bit of Marketing experience from previous jobs.

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