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Love at First Sight, Company’s First Salesforce Hire & It Takes Community To Make a Thing Go Right


Feb 11th

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


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Love at First Sight as a Company’s First Salesforce Hire:
Vlad Kostovski started at FOR Energy, a local solar business, as their first Salesforce hire in July. If you’re just starting out in Salesforce, we hope his story and lessons help to guide your path. So get ready to get charged up from this love story because the only thing stronger than the power of solar – is the power of love!

It Takes Community To Make a Thing Go Right:
As of Spring ‘21, Community Cloud is now renamed as Experience Cloud. Salesforce has introduced Experience Bundle, the new feature for deploying this cloud’s metadata with plain text files in human-readable format instead of .site files in binary format. Huge improvement, since earlier we were not able to track or review what changes we were deploying. Now we can – thanks to Experience Bundle.

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