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Florida Dreamin’ 2021


Oct 28th

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

We believe that there is a gap in Salesforce education when it comes to career pathing and guidance. We want to provide inspiration, coaching and guidance on how to truly blaze your own Salesforce trail. We want to focus on empowering the individual Salesforce Journey for each and every trailblazer. We want to provide deep content that helps translate that learning into true opportunity. We believe that as community leaders invested in our region it is our duty to empower the Trailblazer that call this region home. As a community we want to see opportunities, skill sets and demand increase for our Trailblazers here in Florida (and beyond). Our goal is to provide sessions, speakers and hand-on workshops that go beyond technical skills and products and really get into the skills that can make Trailblazers successful. We believe content on things like Moments of Truth, dealing with client adversity, crafting user stories, perfecting discovery sessions and more soft skills will really define our content and make it the year over year event

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