Salesforce Events and Your Career: People Conferences Disguised as Tech Conferences

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My last blog here, “Growing Your Career Through Salesforce Ohana Events,” gave tips on using Salesforce Community events to grow your career. Now you’ll learn to do the same with Salesforce’s own in-person events. These “people conferences disguised as tech conferences” are key to you expanding not just your Salesforce skills, but your Ohana connections..

We all know that building a vibrant network of business-related connections can help you grow your career. With the variety of events offered, it’s easy to pick an in-person Salesforce event where a gregarious extrovert — or even a shy introvert — will feel welcome. Salesforce offers different in-person events ranging in size from small Circles of Success to the mega-conference Dreamforce, all designed to meet different #SalesforceOhana needs.


Some of the current in-person events offered by Salesforce include:

  • Salesforce Circles of Success. Local small group clinics held with other Salesforce customers focused on adoption-related topics. These are interactive, in-person discussions that are consultative and hosted by Salesforce experts. Find them in the Trailblazer Community here.
  • Salesforce Basecamps. These are local and may be industry-focused. Do you want to take a deeper dive into how to use Salesforce products for a specific industry, or would you prefer to participate in a smaller, one-to-one Salesforce event where it might be easier to make connections? Then check Salesforce Events to see what Basecamps events are coming to your area.
  • Salesforce Nonprofit Open Source Community Sprints. I can’t say it better than Mark Adcock, 5X Certified Senior Consultant at Appirio, when he, “In the space, sprints are a place where people from all over the Salesforce community, developers and administrators alike, come together to tackle important items and make change. … This is not a conference. It’s a workspace more collaborative than any you’ve ever seen before.” Salesforce has more info on NPSP Open Source Community Sprints here.
  • Salesforce Connected Nonprofit Conference. Most recently in London, this event helps those who work for nonprofits future-proof their organizations, and themselves, through better technology. See what the 2018 conference covered here.
  • Salesforce Higher Ed Summit. A must-attend for those Salesforce admins and developers working in Higher Ed. You can listen to last year’s session recordings and learn more here.
  • Lightning Now Tour Whether you’re an #AwesomeAdmin or a Salesforce developer, Lightning Now events get you hands-on with Lightning Experience. They also provide insight into Salesforce product roadmaps. If a smaller, one-to-one Salesforce event would help you connect with your peers, look here to see what Lightning Now events will be held near you.
  • Salesforce World Tours. These events are regional and include learning sessions presenting by Salesforce MVPs and Salesforce partners. World Tours provide admins and developers a way to get hands-on with Salesforce’s newest releases alongside Salesforce experts, and to see the newest AppExchange offerings in an expo setting.
  • Events like Salesforce Connections and TrailheaDX are built to meet participants’ interests in a specific Salesforce platform or in a developer-centric deeper dive.
  • Dreamforce. Possibly the best-known of Salesforce in-person events. I’ve attended more than 10 Dreamforce conferences, and each year it gets bigger and better, more diverse and inclusive. If you’ve never been and are a Salesforce admin or developer, it’s a connection-builder and career jump-start like no other. It’s been described as a tech-conference-meets-rock-concert-meets-career-fair-meets-giving-back. Did I say BIG? “San Francisco Travel, the city’s visitor’s bureau, expects the conference to lead to $157 million in direct business sales in the Bay Area and support 35,000 direct jobs.”

Why do I think these are all people conferences disguised as tech conferences? The beating heart of the #SalesforceOhana is…people!

Why gain mastery as a Salesforce admin or developer? To better support and enable the people who use your Salesforce org. Why learn new ways to use Salesforce products, platforms and AppExchange Apps? To benefit the people who are your end users and improve their lives. Why attend an in-person conference, rather than just watch it streaming over the web? To make memories and share personal connections with other people you meet at the conference.

Everything I’ve experienced at Salesforce in-person events — from connecting with learners at the Boston World Tour, to sitting in on a San Antonio Circles of Success session, to my sessions and volunteer time at Dreamforce ‘18 — show these are people conferences disguised as tech conferences. The Salesforce Trailblazer Community is a community like no other. Download the 2018 Trailblazer Community Survey Infographic, and see what I mean!

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