Salesforce Community Events Around the World

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The weather is quickly catching up with the latest release, Spring is almost here and we have the perfect getaway for your #TrailblazerCommunity hunger.

dreamOle round 2! It’s one one of the latest additions to the Salesforce Community-Led events.

Before I go into further detail, let’s take a look at these events to find somewhere you’ll love to learn Salesforce together with others, spreading around the world for amazing opportunities to connect, learn, have fun, and get inspired by your peers!

Salesforce Community-Led Events have been put together by people in this awesome ecosystem, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from half a day to two days conference, even some with an activity (Check out Surf Force!). These events happen all over the world, and with every year we see even more; they are the perfect excuse to travel the world and learn!

This year there has already 5:

The next one in the pipeline is dreamOle, where I’m part of the organising committee. At dreamOle we are ‘The Sun Behind The Cloud’ a nonprofit organisation and community of users that get together to share events, education and support in Spain. Our mission is to increase awareness, teach skills and inspire others to build their careers on the Salesforce platform.

Last year it was our kickoff conference, we hosted in Madrid 1st of June, it was an incredible experience and we underestimated the hunger for something like this as we sold-out weeks before the event. This year we are hosting it on the 27th of April in Barcelona, my beloved home town!

What to expect – Leaving aside the obvious (ie: good food, good weather & some fiesta!)

We’re running it as a one-day event format, the sessions are bilingual (Spanish & English) throughout the day, after last years’ popularity we will have 4 sessions at any given time and approx over half will be in English. We couldn’t be happier with the keynotes this year; with Holly Firestone opening and Zayne Turner closing!

As the weeks go on we will be drip publishing the sessions, but as a sneak-peak you can expect talks on apps, beta, AI, processes, tools, law compliance, integrations and best practices.

We will of course have a demoJam hosted by our faithful supporter and biggest party companion Joshua Joskins! Our experts with a twist at ‘What the FAQ’. As well as this year have a pretty unique activity DevTrails: a track for both admins and developers, full of inspiring talks and hands-on workshop delivered by a Salesforce Developer Evangelist. You can also expect Trailhead, trail hunting, prizes, afterparty and much more!

Get involved – There are many ways you can contribute:

Take the opportunity for a city break and play tourist in Barcelona, we will get a blog out on what to see, eat, do 🙂 We look forward seeing you there! And… because we all love data, I’m leaving you here with last year’s infographic.

Around the world

And there is surely more to come! Crazily enough I’ve met at the Community-led event in London last year (Londons Calling) Michael De Feyter who is now preparing the Benelux version for 2019 with some other great Trailblazers, check them out.

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