Salesforce Ben’s Top Posts Of 2017

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We’re at the end of another crazy whirlwind year within the Salesforce ecosystem, where there is never a dull moment. For me, 2017 has truly been the year of the Lightning Experience, learning opportunities, and additional Salesforce clouds.

The Lightning Experience is no longer just a great idea, the changes brought forward by Salesforce means that there is never a better time to start reaping the rewards of this new interface. This year we have also seen a merger between Salesforce University and Trailhead, giving us a glimpse of the learning paths to come. In fact, the new Platform Developer II certification involves the completion of 4 super badges in tandem with multi-choice exams! See all the new exciting updates here.

Finally, I have also seen a fantastic adoption rate of Salesforce’s other clouds and products. A couple of years ago it was a challenge to convince potential customers of the powers of clouds, now we are seeing implementations of Pardot, CPQ  and Marketing Cloud becoming the norm alongside Sales or Service Cloud.

2018 is truly an exciting year to look forward to, but there is no harm on reflecting on what a great year 2017 has been, jam-packed full of content. Let’s have a look at the most read articles on Salesforce Ben this year…

10. 12 Things Salesforce Admins Should Know About Pardot

With the rise of Salesforce’s other clouds, it’s important that Salesforce Admins understand how these other products plug into Salesforce and the benefit that they can bring to their business. This post does exactly that!

9.What is Salesforce DX and what does it mean for Admins?

With the release of Salesforce DX earlier this year, it’s important for Admins and other users of Salesforce (Including developers!), to understand how these upcoming changes effect Salesforce development.

8. Dreamforce 2017: Keynote Summary & Big Announcements

The biggest technology event in the Salesforce calendar (And quite possibly the world!), was only last month. Catch up on all the major announcements in this summary by Lucy Mazalon.

7. When to use Record Types Vs Page Layouts?

A common dilemma for budding admins when trying to build out a solution is quite often the use of page layouts and records types. Ensure you use best practices once and for all by running through a few scenarios and their answers.

6. RIP Notes & Attachments, Say Hello to Files

With the Notes & Attachments feature becoming obsolete sometime in the future, ensure you know what is coming to succeed it, with MVP Ines Garcia.

5. The Secret Weapon: Salesforce Optimizer Report

Another cracking post by MVP Ines, a feature that was released in Spring ’17 allows you to scan features and configuration across your org against Salesforce best practices.

4. 30 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

With a career in Salesforce Administration being voted one of the best jobs to have in the USA as voted by Indeed, it’s important Admins understand what could be asked of them in an interview. Mark Sampford who is a specialist Salesforce recruiter gives us his top tips…

3. Salesforce Administrator Salaries – Around The World (Infographic)

Echoing the last post, the Salesforce Admin position is rapidly becoming one of most in-demand jobs in tech. Learn about what you can expect to earn across the world, Maria takes us through some summary points from the worlds largest Salesforce salary survey.

2. Want to Know Salesforce Einstein Pricing?

It’s clear from the position of this post that Admins want to understand the cost behind Einstein so that they can look to build it into their roadmap. Check out some of the pricing here!

1. Ultimate Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2017

Finally, at #1 we have the Ultimate Chrome Extensions list. There is really no surprise here, with the number of helpful extensions that extend the functionality of the Salesforce platform, you need to check out this post which covers nearly every single one!


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