Salesforce Apex Testing Essentials Course: Available Now

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This course is designed to teach you how to construct Apex Testing from the ground up. It covers how to write Apex Test code that tests your production code to ensure it works properly. Starting with the basics, then followed by various examples including Triggers, Asynchronous Apex, and others – plus, it discusses various best practices too. 

We’ve included plenty of code examples and exercises for you to practice creating your own test code. 

This course is suitable for you if you have the following skills:

  • Apex Fundamentals: You should know how to write Apex code.
  • Development Using Visual Studio Code (VS Code): This course uses VS Code.

What Will You Learn?

  • Everything you need to know to read and write Apex Test code​
  • Testing Triggers, test data creation, testing Asynchronous Apex, and more
  • Best practices, considerations, and limitations
  • 4+ hours of instructor-led videos to support your learning style
  • Step-by-step tutorials with use cases and examples
  • 40+ code examples
  • 34 exercises to cement your learning and test your knowledge
  • Additional recommended resources
  • Course certificate

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