Sales Cloud Exam Resources

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For anyone looking to take the Certified Sales Cloud Exam, check out all the resources below and my Sales Cloud Guide.

Implementation Guides

The below are Salesforce Recommended Guides;

International Organizations: Using Multiple Currencies

Deploying Territory Management

Territory Management Decision Guide

Implementing Person Accounts

Campaign Management

A Guide to Sharing Architecture

Bonus Material

The below is material that I feel is relevant to know if you want to pass the Sales Cloud Exam.

Differences between Files, Salesforce CRM Content, Salesforce Knowledge, Documents, and Attachments

Products, Price Books, and Schedules Overview

Forecasts Administrator’s Workbook

Setting up Customizable Forecasting 


Salesforce Ben Exam

23 thoughts on “Sales Cloud Exam Resources

  1. Avatar

    I have now failed this exam 3 times. I have watched all the videos, done all the workbooks, read and memorized all the guides and note cards, including everything you have listed, but nothing from the SF sponsored study guide or any of the material you included is actually on the test… is there something I am missing? I have spent over 200 hours studying for this exam, and I have until July to pass it or I will be fired.

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    Sales cloud Guide was very much helpful to me i passed the exam at one attempt…Thank you very much john for sharing such a valuable resource.

    Hey guys

    There is tool named CODE BACKUP tool in salesforce. I found this tool quite helpful to keep a backup of the codes we use in sales force. Give it a try and forget all your worries of and keep developing.
    There are many cases where the Salesforce code written by developers is over-written or deleted. This tool will take the backup of your code and saves it as attachment in an object Named “SVN”.

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    I am going to give Sales Cloud on 28th July and want to start preparation.
    Can you please help me out with.
    Is there anything else which is not mentioned over here and I should take a look then please let me know.


    1. Ben McCarthy

      Hi Ruskank,

      Great that you have it booked, thats the first step!

      All the resources that I used are listed here. I did have the luxury of having access to the Salesforce Catalogue training which helped a lot but the same material is available on all the documents that I have listed here. The Flashcards helped me out a lot as well. What I tend to do is as soon as I have read something, whether it is in the flashcards or the documentation, I test it out for myself. I find that helps to reinforce the learning.

      Good luck and let me know how you do!



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    Hi, I am scheduled for the SalesCloud exam mid July, 2016. I wonder what is a good place with thorough information I can study on the Industry Knowledge topic (the one with 5% weight on the exam :))? Somewhere where it is explained What is a typical sales organization, most common sales methodologies, sales metrics… There is tons of information on the web, however has anyone ran onto one place that explains it all? (I had such a link when preparing for Service cloud (typical srv org and metrics) and it was a big time-saver).

    1. Avatar

      Hi Maria

      I’ve exactely the same trouble as you! did you manage to find a good and valuable place to help you learn about theses topics ?


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  6. Avatar

    I failed by 4%!!! I need to work on these areas specifically-what materials would I find most useful? I reviewed them all but am not sure where to focus specific to these categories below.

    Industry Knowledge
    Implementation Strategies
    Sales Cloud Analytics
    Integration and Data Management

  7. Avatar


    Thank you so much for collecting this information.

    I just got my App Builder Certification, and also a certified Administrator. Do you think in 2 weeks I’ll be able to take an pass this exam? I haven’t studied a bit for it.


  8. Avatar

    Jeremy Quartey-Papafio


    I have to say I wasn’t impressed with the 173 Quizzlet flashcards where some of them seemed to be work in progress.

    And I also think that the answer to the Saleforce Ben question “when working with forecasts and stages, which forecast category normally represents “closed won” opportunity stage should not be Commit but rather “closed won”

  9. Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    Please update the URL links from ‘/206/16/en-us/sfdc/pdf/’ to ‘/206/latest/en-us/sfdc/pdf/’. Thanks for sharing the links.


  10. Avatar

    Great guide Ben, those documents provided a great refresher going into the Exam and passed it on my first attempt! 🙂

    Lots of scenario based questions that you need to read carefully and decide on the most logical decision! Make sure you play around with Campaigns, Forecasts, Territory management, Multi-Currency, Products/PriceBooks before the exam.

  11. Avatar

    I’ve now failed for this exam twice. The following categories seems to be a problem:

    Industry Knowledge
    Implementation Strategies
    Sales Cloud Analytics
    Integration and Data Management
    Communites an Sites

    Any Idea for help ?

    1. Avatar

      Do you have a developer account? It’s free and I think actually playing around with the environment helps A LOT. Especially with implementation strategies. Imagine you have your own business….what would you need to do? What would you want to report on? Things like that. 🙂

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