6 Recommended Podcasts for Pardot, Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Marketers

By Lucy Mazalon

Salesforce is a technology that is constantly changing, so our knowledge can’t stay static either. I have found that the vast majority of Pardot Admins, Marketing Cloud professionals and other Salesforce Marketers have a thirst for learning – after all, marketing is an exciting, evolving discipline that requires experimentation and curiosity.

I found that during lockdown, my podcast listening has gone from casual dipping in, to a full-blown habit. Learning through listening gives us a break from staring at screens all day. Audio has also always been a favourite of mine because the presenter personalities are able to shine through. Here are my favourite podcasts that I have subscribed to:

1. Pardot Life Hacks

Jennifer Schnieder has found a nice niche for herself: a podcast focused on Pardot.

Pardot Life Hacks gets into the nitty-gritty Pardot and related products. Salesforce Marketing Champion, Jennifer Schneider, gives us an honest breakdown on topics like Pardot forms, to quick tips like “How to Spring Clean Your Pardot Database” (a quick dose in less than 10 minutes), through to longer “Kool-Aid Chats” with other Pardot enthusiasts.

A must-listen for any serious Pardot marketer!

2. Hard Corps Marketing Podcast

Casey Cheshire, with his deep Pardot expertise and infectious personality, is known around the Salesforce ecosystem and the Pardot-sphere, the ideal candidate to write a book on Marketing Automation strategy, and also finds time to host the Hard Corps Marketing Show.

Casey’s podcast tackles a wide range of topics, from marketing automation tactics to discussing trends at a high-level (eg. ABM or conversational marketing). What you can expect is an open-ended, free-flowing conversation, with energy – but not without Casey’s staple questions about myths, hobbies and childhood (‘did you always want to be a marketer?’). I featured on episode #135, which was a lot of fun! As you can see/hear, wide-ranging with plenty of Pardot chat!

At the time of writing, the Hard Corps Marketing Show has now exceeded 150 episodes – hats off!

3. Demand Gen Visionaries

A new podcast on the block run by Qualified, a Salesforce ISV known for their Pardot app.

Every week, they sit down with B2B CMOs and Demand Gen leaders to talk about their must-have tactics and strategies for producing pipeline. The first 3 episodes feature the CMOs from ThoughtSpot, Twilio, and Oracle (former CMO of Pardot Nate Skinner).

I will be giving this one a listen to over the coming weeks!

4. Marketing School

Marketing School is the ultimate

podcast on marketing, in my opinion. Hosted by digital marketing titans Neil Patel (of, Ubersuggest) and Eric Siu (of Single Grain), there is a new episode of Marketing School every day. Keeping up with this commitment has meant the podcast has well over 1400 episodes. What I like is that the episodes are bite-sized (between 4-7 minutes), and the hosts are blunt but highly insightful (that’s just Neil Patel’s style!) This is a good podcast to keep up to date with all things marketing outside of the Salesforce bubble!

5. The Marketing Cloudcast

With the tagline “Where Trailblazers talk marketing”, Marketing Cloudcast covers key trends, innovative tactics, and relevant insights in marketing today. The show is produced by Salesforce so is a great way to keep up to date with their market research and product landscape. Marketing Cloudcast is more affiliated with the Marketing Cloud brand, however, the podcast doesn’t get into technical, feature-function nuts and bolts, keeping it relevant to a wider audience. See all episodes here.

6. Copyblogger FM

As a content writer, I find Copyblogger FM the antidote to writing careless, sloppy copy. Getting into a routine of listening to Copyblogger has kept me conscious about how I write and what I want to achieve with my content. I have had no formal training as a writer/journalist, and I can safely say this is one of the best resources I used to upskill. Find a treasure trove of content marketing, email copywriting, and social media marketing advice on the podcast.

7. Marketing and Tech Book Club

Carlos Doughty is an exceptional guy. He’s the founder of the MarTech Alliance in the UK, whose mission is to “deliver shit hot practical marketing technology learning programmes and produce shit hot #MarTechFest events series, which are a far cry from your traditional conferences”. Carlos hosts the Marketing and Tech Book Club once a month, where he interviews the authors themselves on their careers and the inspiration for their books.

BONUS: Salesforce Freelancing Podcast

Brian Shea is a Salesforce Architect and self-employed consultant since 2012, so it’s no surprise that he receives many questions about freelancing in the Salesforce ecosystem. To share his experiences, and others in the community, he produced a mini-series on the Salesforceben blog.

Now that many marketing professionals are considering freelance as a way of working, this series will hopefully help you answer those questions and judge if it’s a good fit for you before you take the leap.

Episodes will be released during June-August, which you can find on the podcast home page.

The Author

Lucy Mazalon

Lucy is the Operations Director at Salesforce Ben. She is a 10x certified Marketing Champion and founder of The DRIP.

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