Overview of the New Zealand Salesforce Market

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Even though NZ has only 4.5 million people it has a great Salesforce community with lots of implementations and Salesforce professionals. Most of the demand comes from organisations based in Auckland and Wellington. In this post I’m going to talk about the types of jobs that are available at some of the top companies with the biggest implementations, how to get a job in NZ and the type of salary you can expect.


Partners – From a New Zealand angle up until 18 months ago there were largely three main players in the Salesforce market, Fronde, Davanti Consulting & Trineo.

Since early 2015 there has been massive interest in the Salesforce space with the likes of Accenture and Fujitsu opening a Salesforce Practice, New Zealand’s biggest IT services firm Datacom opening a dedicated Salesforce Practice along with other niche players like CloudinIT and Adept Group developing Salesforce capability.

End Users –  Significant projects that have been under way include:

Xero –  A huge project involving Sales and Service Cloud to over 1000 users worldwide. Xero composed an internal team but the main partner to do this work was Davanti Consulting

Fonterra –  One of New Zealand’s biggest companies has been a big user of Salesforce and has used Chatter through to Sales Cloud.

Harmoney –  NZ’s first peer to peer lending marketplace have just recently completed a 8 month project to implement Sales Cloud while also utilising add ons such as FinancialForce and Heroku.

Les Mills – Exporting group fitness workouts to over 16,000 gyms worldwide. they adopted Salesforce’s Sales Cloud solution and continue to use Salesforce to push ahead in many regions around the world

Aside from the above there are many other New Zealand organisations utilising the Salesforce suite such as the Bank of New Zealand, ACC, Fulton Hogan, St Johns, Victim Support, New Zealand Defence Force, Spark and Sovereign.

How do I work in New Zealand?

If you are 30 and below you can obtain a Working Holiday Visa, this allows you to work between 12 and 23 months while also enjoying what New Zealand has to offer. This allows you to do contracting or temporary work within the time period. However, this does not allow you to work in a permanent role. If you want to do this you can apply for a Work Visa or Talent Visa once you have been offered a permanent role.

If you want to secure a role while working outside of New Zealand, a lot of companies will hire remotely. From there you can apply for a Work or Talent Visa but need to clear a Medical check and Police Check.

What can I earn?

Typically salaries are a little lower in New Zealand due to the cost of living being a touch cheaper than say, Sydney or Melbourne. If you are a Functional Consultant or Developer with say between two to three years experience you can expect to earn between $90,000 – $110,000 NZD. For Senior Functional Consultants or a proven Senior Developer / Tech Lead you can expect to earn between $115,000 – $135,000. If you have your CTA (Certified Technical Architect Certification) you can expect to earn upwards of $200,000.

We have seen a growing contractor marketplace start to evolve in the last 18 months, but if I were to guess, I suspect there is still a split of around 85% permanent resource, leaving 15% of the work completed by contractors.


  • New Zealand only has one resident Salesforce CTA even though there is one or two others working overseas.
  • There are a number of user groups running informal events. The most popular is the Auckland Salesforce User Group which is largely run / organised by a lady called Diana Wells.
  • I would say there is between 110 – 130 Salesforce focused people working in the Salesforce Partner community and then a lot more working inside end-user organisations that utilise Salesforce.
  • Like Australia, the Salesforce World Tour does reach New Zealand with a days session in Auckland.


For any more info on the Australian or New Zealand Salesforce market feel free to get in touch with Nathan

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  1. Hi what is the demand like in New Zealand I am thinking relocating but when I search Salesforce jobs I rarely find anything and when I do they always seem to want APEX experience

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    Hi everyone
    I have 1.5 yrs exp in salesforce sales cloud certification, I looking for a job in newzealand on January 2022 , if anything g please email

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