Salesforce Sphere – October Round Up of the Top Blog Posts!

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Not only did the month of October brought lots of excitement about Dreamforce, it has also brought two Dreamin events; one in France and one in India which had a huge outpour of folks show up. October wasn’t just about Dreamforce though. Salesforce had some makeovers this month, with Success Community becoming Trailblazer Community, the AppExchange got a completely new fresh look, and Salesforce1, the wonderful mobile app, got a name change and is now just Salesforce. If that wasn’t enough, October also brought us the Winter ‘18 release, which came out with a lot of wonderful updates for Lightning. With so much excitement, it was hard to pick the top highlights of the month, but keep reading to see what they were.

When Salesforce was young: the early years

As part of the Vator series “When They were Young”, Vator wrote a piece about the start of Salesforce back when the company ran out of Marc Benioff’s one bedroom apartment. The article gives a nice chronological summary of Salesforce’s history, including past press release details and even the initial description of the company. If you are a history buff and want to show off to your other Salesforce geek friends, this is the article for you.

Top 10 reasons why you should go for Salesforce Lightning?

In this post, written by Amit Singh, there are copious amounts of juicy technical details of why you should switch to Lightning. While there are many articles out there telling you why to switch, I found this one particularly refreshing as it focuses on the technical benefits that Salesforce added to their Lightning Experience. If you were ever wondering why switch, besides of course the UI/UX, take a look at this article for more details.

Everything you need to know about GDPR

Even though May 2018 seems far away, in reality, it’s closer than you think, especially when planning for the new EU regulation called GDPR. Ceterna, a Salesforce Gold partner, has brought us a close-up examination of what GDPR is, who it applies to (anyone using Salesforce within the EU or with EU data is most likely in this group), and what obligations you may have under the new regulation. As an Admin or consultant, I highly recommend taking a read through this article, as well as checking out Salesforce’s guide to GDPR.

Pardot Modules now live on Trailhead!

Oh Trailhead, how I love thee, and I think Lucy Mazalon, from SalesforceBen, would agree with me. Lucy, wrote about Trailhead’s newest addition to the Modules section – Pardot Modules. This has been some time coming and most definitely user requested. Lucy does an excellent breakdown of what each module contains, as well as, who she thinks would benefit from them. If you are a Trailhead user, or even if you aren’t yet (get one now!), you should check this post out and see what Pardot is all about.

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Admins

Everyone loves a good Top List and this one is no exception. Evan Michelson, from OPFOCUS, brings us what he considers to be the top 5 best extensions for Chrome for a Salesforce Admin. Before jumping into the extensions, Evan provides a clear and concise description of what extensions are and how to get them. I love the list he gives and I personally use a couple of them and intend to try the rest as soon as time permits.

Top 3 Salesforce APEX Best Practices

Appseconnect brought us a short but sweet summary of some key best practices and Salesforce standards to follow when developing in APEX. The article lays out what the practice is that provides an example of the negative. I appreciated the fact that they took the time to provide an example of what not to do, as sometimes comprehending a best practice can be done much better by seeing it in its inverted state. I highly recommend this article, not just for developers, but also for Admins and Consultants so that everyone knows what the best practices are.

What kind of company should you join?

David Liu, from SFDC99, wrote a detailed yet simple to follow summary of the three kinds of places to work – startup, large company, or consulting firm – and describes both the pros and cons of each. Having worked in two out of the three, I thinkhis comparisons are completely on point for why you may want to choose one over the other depending on where you are in your career.



November is Dreamforce! So stay tuned for some exciting coverage of what went on during the event as well as any major takeaways that come out of Dreamforce. We should also be hearing the scheduled session for Tahoe Dreamin’ which is coming up in January and tickets are still available! See you next month on Salesforce Sphere.

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