Announcing Our New Website & Brand!

Share this article... turned 5 a few months ago. What started off as a blog to write down tricks and tips I found whilst in my Admin job, has grown into a community for all to learn.

Growing into a community platform wouldn’t have been made possible without the dedication of the Salesforce ecosystem, the openness and willingness to share. I’m pleased to say that since around 3 years ago when we first started hosting posts from around the ecosystem, we have had 162 people write content. This continues to grow month on month.

This has been an amazing journey for myself and my co-editor, Lucy, we learn a huge amount ourselves from reading through all the submissions and meeting so many community members in the process. We are both constantly grateful for everyone’s dedication and hard work.


New Website & Brand

Our previous website and brand largely haven’t changed since was originally founded in 2014, we thought it was way overdue for modernization. We didn’t want to focus just on the aesthetics of the site, but also the UX/UI, the technology, and bringing more focus to the authors on the site. Like a lot of projects, this website launch has taken a lot longer than expected, so we are very happy to launch it to the world and get as much feedback as possible. Some of our key focus point for this new launch…

    • Modernizing the look and feel of the site – We’ll miss you Salesforce Ben superhero!
    • Upgrading our servers – Our previous servers were being pushed to the limits, we’ve migrated to a much more scalable platform – no more waiting around.
    • Spotlight on the author – You will notice that at the top of each post the author is highlighted, with links to their Twitter & Linkedin to connect.
    • The Drip – Our Marketing side of the blog has got an upgrade inline with our rebrand of
    • Mobile Friendly – With the site being built from scratch, we ensured that the site was better optimized for mobile.


If you have any comments or feedback about the new site, we would love to hear it. Feel free to share your thoughts below, in only a few clicks.

We are also always looking out for people that would like to contribute to the Salesforce community through content. We have a number of support programs in place and can even pay for the time you spend writing, get in touch using this form.

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