Most Wanted Salesforce Features – What’s Coming up on the Roadmap?

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You may have heard about the Salesforce IdeaExchange? It’s the platform that allows the Salesforce community to directly upvote which features they want to see as part of the Salesforce product. Involving customers in influencing the product roadmap has been a core belief of Salesforce’s since they were founded – what better way to develop products customers crave?

The IdeaExchange (released in 2006) was starting to show some flaws. IdeaExchange Prioritization was born! This new system takes the user wish list and marries it up with reality – how Salesforce product development actually happens and taking complexity into account. With each prioritization cycle, we make the big announcement about each feature; when the next cycle swings around, we add the winning ideas to this most popular roadmap overview (after all, the cycles are pretty rapid!) Hopefully you will spot an enhancement, or two, that you are anticipating!


The Idea Lifecycle

There are two sides to the Idea Lifecycle:

  • Ongoing: anyone can submit ideas they think of to the IdeaExchange. Anyone can upvote these.
  • Prioritization Cycle: the product managers create a prioritization list from the most-upvoted ideas 3 times a year. Everyone spends their allocated ‘coins’ on the ideas, those that get the most votes go on the product roadmap!

The Prioritisation List, therefore, is the most wanted Salesforce features (that are also realistic for Salesforce to deliver). It’s a great feedback loop that means customers get heard, but aren’t left in the dark on why popular ideas aren’t up for the roadmap development.

What’s Coming up on the Roadmap? 

The Prioritization Cycle winners were announced, and more have been added currently ‘in development’ or ‘in pilot’. Here’s what’s new to the upcoming roadmap:

Spring ’22 (around February 2022)

Persistent Filters on Related Lists

The admin ability to configure and add filters to related lists in the Lightning App Builder – also known as “Intelligent Related lists (Filterable by Admin)”.

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 14 years
  • Points retired: 44,590 (6 merged ideas)
  • Add multiple related lists of the same object to your page.
  • Configure related lists from the Lightning App Builder, adding filters per related list.

Experience Site Maintenance Mode

  • Provide the ability for an admin to set the Experience site in maintenance mode.
  • Currently, deactivating the community just leaves the user on a blank loading page with no message.
  • There’s hope that once a community is set as “Under Maintenance”, all current active users should be logged out and redirected to the maintenance page.

Summer ’22 (around June 2022)

Attachments for Web-to-Case

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 14 years
  • Points retired: 18,130 (2 merged ideas)
  • Why not just allow clients to attach a file when they log cases? Support attachments for Web-to-Case (including in Self Service Portal)
  • Also known as “Web to Flow”
  • Future flexibility to adapt it for customer specific flows.
  • Will require significant data model changes, more than orginally estimated.

Additional Opportunity Forecast category

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 14 years
  • Points retired: 18,130 (2 merged ideas)
  • New forecast category “most likely” for the standard Opportunity field, included in Forecasting rollups.
  • Allow editing of Forecast Category labels.

Mass operations for picklist values in Setup

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 13 years
  • Points retired: 12,930 (4 merged ideas)

Search enhancements

Winter ’23 Release (around October 2022)

Multi-Object Pages (Spanning fields/multi entity)

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 14 years
  • Points retired: 32,860 (4 merged ideas)
  • Build multi-entity pages within the Lightning App Builder
  • View/edit information in a related record on the same record page
  • View unrelated data from multiple entities on a single page
  • The release of Dynamic Forms laid the foundation for the spanning fields capability.
  • Save admins creating formula fields to see fields from related objects.
  • Community members are calling for list views to be considered also.

(It’s worth visiting the idea page just to see some very retro Salesforce screenshots)

Einstein Search (searchable fields configuration)

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 13 years
  • Points retired: 9,110 (3 merged ideas)
  • This began as a request to make data in all field types searchable. The example given was how picklist fields would not be found with standard Salesforce search.
  • Enhanced search will now be baked into the Einstein Search functionality, available for free to all Salesforce customers. Seems like this request will be one of many deliverables in that feature’s roadmap.

To share your requirements with the product development teams, and get early access to the pilot, complete the Salesforce Natural Language Search for Custom Objects survey.

Date To Be Determined (TBD)

Search Top Results – Admin control

  • Admins to decide which objects show up in “Top Results” when their users search with Global Search.
  • Global Search analyzes a user’s search behavior and decides which objects to display, but there are calls for Admins to have input, too (said the requester).
  • The example given on the idea page paints a picture of how this is an Admin pain point.

Restriction Rules (fully private sharing model)

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 13 years
  • Points retired: 13,320 (5 merged ideas)
  • Pilot began in Spring ’21
  • Private organization wide default (OWD) for activities does not remain private when parent records are shared (the example given is activities related to an account become visible when the account record is shared)
  • Already possible to create and manage restriction rules in Setup or using either the Tooling API or Metadata API.
  • Restriction Rules caught our attention – the first Admin capability that goes against the mantra “you can only open up user permissions” (ie. not restrict them)

Criteria-based Sharing Rules enhancements

  • Idea Details
  • Idea age: 9 years
  • Points retired: 21,990 (5 merged ideas)
  • Pilot began in Spring ’21
  • Sharing rules can’t be based on the following field types: lookup/formula/dynamic values and user fields.
  • Save admins creating text fields and automation to copy the data from these fields into text fields.
  • Ideal use case is frequently changing account owners (a user field), where sharing rules can’t tap into that field to adjust record sharing automatically.
  • Wrapped up with the Restriction Rules release (above)

The Prioritization Cycle Leaderboard

We heard about the winners, what about the runners-up? The leaderboard each cycle shows us which features missed the mark with the coin voting. These ideas (and more) will join the next cycle, which continues until September 27th 2021.

Ps. Full Roadmap Post

We have moved all previous ideas that made it onto the roadmap to our ‘full roadmap’ post. When each cycle passes, we will transfer those ideas there.

4 thoughts on “Most Wanted Salesforce Features – What’s Coming up on the Roadmap?

  1. Show zeros in reports when grouped by time periods – I submitted this one 11 years ago –

    It has been merged into this one –

    Salesforce says it can’t be done, but you can do it in Tableau.

    And then there is the votes for a developer edition of Exact Target, aka Marketing Cloud – It has been around since Salesforce acquired Exact Target.

  2. My issue with the Idea Exchange and the prioritising process is the users do the prioritising by submitting the ideas and voting on them. The product managers pick which ideas to put up for the final round of prioritising. They don’t just pick the ideas with the most points or the oldest ones. The result is lots of high scoring ideas still sit there with no attention and users give up on them ever getting fixed. The latest round was a joke with virtually nothing for Sales Cloud – the core product. More resources are needed to get things moving and the product managers need to apply greater priority to the user votes.

    1. Agreed. There were ideas that made it on to the roadmap for the (more niche) products like FS Cloud, NPSP, and EDA. Having said that, Salesforce have to take votes proportionately to the number of users these industry products have. I did extra research to dig up core features that went into development ‘under the radar’, which is why you will see some of the features here that were (admittedly) never part of the prioritization. I find this whole area fascinating, so thank you for your comment.

    2. Yes, I was just about to comment the same thing. The current idea prioritization is a joke! I literally only care about two items on the list (analytics). True to the CORE means focusing on their CORE product. We are being asked to prioritize ideas about the AppExchange now? I’m baffled.

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