My Favourite Salesforce Spring ’19 Features

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A couple of weeks ago some eagle-eyed Trailblazers noticed their pre-released Orgs being upgraded to Spring ’19, that time of the year has come again!

Fast forward to today and we have information regarding the release date as well as Sandbox preview information, and today the release notes have been published! This is an exciting time for Admins, Developers and Consultants around the world to start diving into the new features of the Salesforce platform. Here at, we love release season and will be published a lot of content over the next couple of months with highlights of the best features for different user groups.

To kick this off, we present to you a quick summary post of some of the best features coming out at the start of next year, let’s dive in.

Pinned/Defaulting List Views

A few months ago, we brought you a post about defaulting list views. While this achieved the functionality of defaulting list views, it did require you to create an additional Tab in your Lightning App. With Pinned Lists, it makes it easier than ever to get rid of that pesky “Recently Views” default list view, it’s seriously easy to use, and your users will love Salesforce even more! Read more here

Increased Data Storage

Ok so this might not be a feature…but this is extremely good news for a lot of Salesforce users and my clients, as a lot are close to 100% of data storage! Depending on your usage of Salesforce, it gets very easy to approach 100% of data storage, especially if you have many custom objects with complex processes. Salesforce are giving us something back and are increasing the minimum storage by 10X! Read more here

Flow Builder

This is probably the feature I have seen the most buzz about over the past couple of weeks, the new and improved Flow Builder. Flow is an advanced toolkit that allows Admins to create highly complex processes which has similar functionality to that of Apex code (But without writing any code!). We actually published a post just this week about how to go about creating your first one.

The new Flow Builder is mainly based around user experience as opposed to any major feature redesigns. Read more here

Conditional Report Highlighting

A favourite feature in Salesforce classic for those users who want to add a touch of colour to their reports, conditional highlighting is here for Lightning!

Conditional highlighting gives you the possibility to colour summarised fields in reports to mostly show whether the information is good, or bad. An example of this would be to show whether total revenue for your accounts is at a good level or not. Read more here

Email Template Folders

A simple yet effective feature in Lightning, allowing users and admins to group email templates into folders. Previously the two folders that were available, Private & Public, were pretty bad for user experience. You can now create hierarchies of folders and give permissions on different levels so users can find the specific template they are looking for faster. Read more here

Sales Cadences

Sales Cadence tools have become increasingly popular in recent years. In a nutshell, they allow a business to provide best practices around following up with Leads. This might involve giving the lead a call, then following up with an email, then checking in with them 5 days later until they get back to you. Tools such as Outreach & SalesLoft have been doing this for a number of years.

With a new product called “High-Velocity Sales”, Salesforce brings this into their platform, allowing you to seamlessly create Cadences for your sales reps, and let them track what their next action should be. Read more here

Lightning Scheduler

You may be familiar with, or may already be using a calendar scheduler tool. Well now Salesforce has built one on the platform! Scheduler tools allow you to easily provide your customers with a tool to schedule meetings with you. Salesforce has gone as far as to include skills, office hours and locations within the parameters of this application. Read more here

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our upcoming series on Winter ’19! Do you have a favourite feature in this release? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Thanks Ben..what a lovely reminder that Spring is coming! What better way than to celebrate the end of “recently viewed” default, tab list views. Love your posts

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