My 5 Bonus Favourite Salesforce Winter ’20 Features

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The Winter’20 Release is coming up, and it’s packed with some exceptional goodies! We have already heard from Ben on his top 10, but there were some features I feel should have made the cut too. So, here are my top 5 as a bonus list – enjoy!

#1: Search for Records in Flows

The first feature makes me truly happy. Firstly, the added lookup component in Flows, means no more weird workarounds!

In the past I’ve found things like:

  • Asking users to copy and paste a reference number, which can easily lead to human error and the need for complicated validation on the input screen.
  • I’ve also seen implemented take users through a series of screens where in each it displays a ‘potential record’ to choose from or click next to evaluate the following screen with another ‘potential record’.
  • Another one? Using a loop to display options to users on a dropdown, yet in each screen element one could only show 200 values so you may have gone over screens and segmenting the result in groups (like by first letter) so that you can show each grouping on a screen dropdown, then for the user to navigate to the following screen to validate.

Anyway, why am I even talking about this?! Now with the flow lookup component, you can easily drag it onto your Flow Canvas. It works similar to Custom Settings that you may have used: referencing the API name of Field, Object and Record Id value for the lookup.

Want to go with the Flow? Here’s 5 New Salesforce Flow Features to Shout About in Winter ‘20

#2: Field-To-Field Report Filters

We heard about the Count Unique Values in Report Results from Ben, which is pretty cool!

Another great addition to reports, is Filter Reports Using Field Comparisons with Field-To-Field Filters (Beta). When I read this, I shouted “finally!”.

So you could be doing calculations between value columns; for things like when response time is less than the SLA, compare discount and amount fields or time between last activity and renewal date.

I hope this is a start towards filtering with report formulas in the report filter pane. #FingersCrossed!

#3: Bots Surface Knowledge Articles based on Customer Search Terms

This is another treasure, where you can let the ChatBot recommend articles depending on the customers search. It’s as simple as adding an action to your Chat Bot dialogues:

#4: Bots Hand-off Dependent on Agent Availability

I’m doing some project work around Chat Bots, so another exciting Bot feature coming up!

In an ideal world, a Chat Bot will handle all the customer conversation needs; however, this is not always the case yet! One best practice is to always give the ability for the customer to transfer to an agent, for a human touch.

In this release, a Bot can check availability reusing what Omni-Channel* already offers, plus, you can add details of the transfer status in the Bot custom messaging to share full transparency with your customer.

*Omni-Channel is a Salesforce feature that enables any type of incoming work item to be routed to the most qualified, available support agent.

#5: Look & Feel Flexibility for Communities!

There is so much more flexibility in how you create and adapt the frame for your Communities pages – from the ability to set variations on the navigation menu, to Flexible Layouts, and the ability to apply layouts to a selection of pages as you wish.

That’s a wrap! Do you have any favourite features being released that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

One thought on “My 5 Bonus Favourite Salesforce Winter ’20 Features

  1. Hey Ines! Nice seeing you in this article! We met at last community cloud council in London. I’d add one for communities: the addition of community contributors with assigned roles (viewer, builder, publisher). It means one can have multiple areas contributing to a community, whilst keeping the control of publishing. We want to use it to allow brand teams to build their own brand pages, but centralising when to publish whole community. It’s cool! Or it’ll be: as we found a bug in high volume users community (it does not work), but bug is filed and in Salesforce we trust 🙂

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