Making Dreamforce Connections That Last a Lifetime

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It’s the most magical time of the year – for anyone in the Salesforce community right now, it almost feels like the run up to our very own techtacular version of Christmas. We love the chance to get together, hang out, and geek out over all things Salesforce.  And with Dreamforce – the mother of all Salesforce events – just around the corner, I’ve been hit with a serious bout of nostalgia.

I’ve always loved Dreamforce – anyone that’s ever attended this event will get the hype. There’s nothing like that feeling of seeing so many Salesforce superstars coming together in one place. Having the chance to learn from experts and connect with so many like-minded people is the absolute best.

As someone who loves helping people find their dream jobs in Salesforce, the chance to speak with so many different people across the ecosystem is a dream come true. And last year’s Dreamforce holds a particularly special place in my heart.

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Flashback to the lead up of DF2018 – San Francisco buildings were packed with tons of Dreamforce-related billboards, but one person whose face I kept seeing splashed across the city was Stephanie Herrera. For those who aren’t familiar with this name, she’s the Salesforce MVP who started Salesforce Saturdays and co-founded Pep Up Tech – an incredible initiative that helps a diverse spectrum of people advance their Salesforce careers.

And that’s what Stephanie is all about – she’s hugely passionate about helping people to access untapped opportunities and is focused on empowering people from all walks of life to better their careers. I recently held a Q&A with Stephanie where she offered tons of insights on networking, advancing your career, and utilizing the Salesforce community – you can watch it here! 

Knowing that Stephanie was going to be at Dreamforce was super exciting – I knew we were driven by the same things and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to meet her. We got chatting quite quickly. She knew about Computer Futures as we’d recently placed one of her students, Alejandro, in a new position. I think this is why she felt compelled to give me some of her time – and I am so ridiculously thankful that she did!

After a quick chat, I managed to persuade her to grab a coffee with me. What started out as a 15-minute conversation turned into hours of us excitedly talking about communities, careers, and the endless opportunities provided by Salesforce. I genuinely couldn’t believe how similar we were. Shortly after this conversation, Stephanie agreed to join me at Computer Futures and turn her passion into a job – as VP of our Salesforce practice, she’s able to help people to find their dream jobs through Salesforce every day.

I keep thinking back to this time last year – it’s crazy to think that if it wasn’t for Dreamforce, I’d never have met Stephanie and she wouldn’t be working in a job that allows her to realize her passion every day. Dreamforce is all about making connections –you literally just don’t know who you’re going to meet!

So, my challenge to you this year is to put yourself out there – make the most of this opportunity! We’re inviting anyone and everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem to connect with us in our San Francisco office during Dreamforce week. Whether you’ve got a Dreamforce ticket or not, if you’re in the area, why not pop in and say hey? What’s the worst that could happen?!

At Computer Futures, we bring together businesses and professionals across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. We really care about building and nurturing communities through Salesforce – who knows where a chat with us could end up for you?

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