Magentrix Customer Portal Solutions for Salesforce

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A growing number of studies are pointing out that customers prefer self-service over contacting a support agent for every issue or question. If you’re trying to find a cost-effective service solution that is also integrated with your Salesforce, Magentrix can provide you with an all-in-one customer portal where your customers can easily access information and get help.
Magentrix is pre-built for all customer service features, so you don’t have to engage in any custom development or obtain additional Salesforce licenses. By simply connecting your portal to your Salesforce instance, you can gain access to your Objects and control existing information with your portal’s preconfigured tools and features. Magentrix lets you integrate up to 50 custom objects so you can make any data available in the portal.

Let’s take a look at how Magentrix can boost your service and enhance customer satisfaction:

Case Management

Improve satisfaction by allowing your customers to be actively engaged with issue resolution. With Case Management, your Salesforce Account, Contact, Cases, Case Comments, and Solutions Objects are already imported into your portal, so your  customers can access their information and cases right away. Let your customers monitor issue resolution by editing the layout of Case Management to show different status levels, as well as the types of requests and help tickets.
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With a simple navigation interface, your customers can easily submit their own help tickets and attach any comments, files, or screenshots to help agents find out more about their problems.
As for your support team, your agents can resolve issues with greater efficiency since all Salesforce cases are synchronized with your portal.

Your support teams continue to manage cases and tickets in Salesforce while the data is synchronized to the portal.

Knowledge Base and Blogs

For quick inquiries, help your customers get the information they need whenever they want. Using the Knowledge Base, you can easily post FAQs and helpful guides that your users can search for with categories and tags. The Blog module enables users with expertise to post their articles such as important company announcements or product upgrade information.

File Sharing

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 18.14.59When you need to share information with your customers, the File Sharing feature of Magentrix Customer Portals is a handy tool to securely store your files in a centralized location. With the Document Viewer, your customers can quickly glance at your material without having to download them first.

Content curation has never been more straightforward. With the Document Versioning feature, administrators can upload new editions of a file or revert to a previous one and set it as the current version – all of which can be done without losing the original files.

File sharing allows you to easily give certain users, groups, and roles access permissions to specific folders and enables you to track their activity with built-in Reports and Dashboards.

Ideas and Community Forums

Using the pre-built Ideas and Forums modules, you allow your customers to propose changes, improvements and share feedback. With the voting and reporting features, you can promote the best thoughts and moderate inappropriate posts or comments.

Customization and design

– User management
From employees to clients, your customer portal can serve a wide variety of users. In order to ensure that they all have the appropriate access and edit permissions, you can create Security Roles to have greater control over user interaction with the portal’s data.

– Creating pages and tabs
Tabs provide access to modules such as Documents and Cases. Depending on your user types, you might want different Tabs to show up in the portal when they log in. With Security Roles, you can easily define which Tabs or Apps (which are a collection of Tabs) appear for your employee and customer communities.

– Custom Development
Magentrix gives you the flexibility you need for creating and customizing database Entities with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Even with no coding or developing experience, you can effortlessly create new tabs, pages and arrange page layouts.

For more specific business requirements, you can also use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create your own applications and extensions to further customize your portal’s functionality.
– Branding

To give your portal the look and feel that your customers trust, Magentrix offers custom themes and global CSS customization tools that make your portal a seamless extension of your brand.

Licensing and cost

It is not easy to calculate the final cost for portal solution for Salesforce. Licensing can be complicated and once you engage in development you may find certain limitations that would lead to even bigger costs.

Magentrix Customer Portals pricing is straightforward with less limitations on the Salesforce objects you can use and no need for additional CRM licenses. Licensing depends on the number of external users and starts at $349 for 1,000 portal users. Magentrix scales with the number of portal users in tiers of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and more available at a fixed price, so you can easily estimate your costs as your business needs are changing.


Creating a customer portal is just the first step towards enabling customer self-service and improving customer experience. Your portal can also be a gateway for accessing customer onboarding and certification through the Social eLearning module. In the next blog post, we will review how you can set up customer elearning and certification directly in your Magentrix portal keeping your data integrated with Salesforce.

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