Lightning Login – Fingerprint Access to Salesforce

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The way we imagine the future to be a few years ago is slowly being brought to reality. Salesforce and your users are getting smarter by the day with the addition of Einstein and IoT devices being connected to the world’s most powerful CRM, and now we can login to Salesforce with our fingerprint!

Lightning Login was brought out in Winter ’17 and allows your users to login to Salesforce without a password, but their fingerprint. This is one of many features that Salesforce is bringing out to ensure your Org’s are as secure as possible, but also, as accessible as possible. Lightning Login works by using the Salesforce Authenticator App on your phone, in combination with your desktop, to approve or reject requests to login by using your fingerprint, no password required! If you haven’t used the Salesforce 2-Factor Authenticator App, it is well worth looking into to provide that extra level of security to your business.


Fingerprint access can be enabled in a few easy steps, before you proceed, you must ensure that your Administrator has granted you the “Lightning Login User” permission that can be granted via a permission set.

1. Download the Salesforce Authenticator App from the App store or Google Play and proceed to follow the instructions to login to your account.

2. Navigate to your Personal settings in Salesforce and click on the “Advanced User Details” link

3. Select “Enroll” next to the Lightning Login field

4. At the prompt, check your App and approve the request to enroll and provide your fingerprint.


After you have enrolled following the instructions or video above, you are now ready to login using super secure fingerprint 2FA. When you navigate to the login page of Salesforce, you should now see a lightning bolt next to your username, this lets you know it is available to use.

1. Click login when you username is selected, if no password is present, you can still select login.

2. Your mobile device should get a notification asking to approve the request

3. Approve with your fingerprint!


This small 5 minute trick may seem like a cool gimmick, but 2-Factor Authentication is becoming increasingly more important in securing cloud based systems. It adds an extra layer of security to the user authentication process by providing two forms of validation to access your account. Typically these two forms are something that you know (e.g. Password), and something that you have (E.g. email generated code, or fingerprint!). This extra layer of security makes it almost impossible for someone that gains access to the first of these two forms of validation, access to your account.

If you would like to read more about 2FA I would recommend the Admin rollout guide as well as the release notes for Lightning Login. Happy securing!

7 thoughts on “Lightning Login – Fingerprint Access to Salesforce

  1. This is very cool….but given the current “atmosphere” (as we’ll call it), what are your thoughts on biometrics like this being used against you? Don’t want to give TSA your password? No worries…we’ll force an iris scan or fingerprint.

    Just thinking out loud and in general and am interested in your thoughts.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I feel it would be helpful if you made your readers aware that System Permissions are required to grant Lightning Login User. This is a vital step in setting up the authentication steps you provide.


    1. Nevermind, seems my browser never rendered the Setup header or part of its steps. I have just set this up on a test user who uses one of my managed packages which is designed for mobile use.

      Thanks for the heads up!

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