Introducing, Salesforce Ben Members!

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Salesforce Ben Members is a new concept designed to give readers of the site access to more exclusive content, mainly focusing on Salesforce certifications. Everyone knows that certifications are one of the best ways to advance your career and boost job prospects, but its certainly not an easy task to achieve them. Weeks or months of revision, preparation and hands on experience are a prerequisite to passing.


Mock exams and questions are a popular way to ensure you know your stuff. Salesforce Ben has been hosting free mock exams for over a year now and in that time I’m proud to say over 20,000 people have completed them! These exams are based on the certification study guides and are designed to provide users with a “knowledge check” about whether they are proficient in the required features. Over the next few months, certification exams are going to be the big focus for Salesforce Ben Members, which will look to expand with even more content over the year. Sign up today!


  • Introductory sign up price is $10 for the first 100 members (Lifetime membership)
  • Platform App Builder 60 question exam
  • Downloadable PDF of Platform App Builder exam questions
  • Downloadable PDF of Administrator exam questions
  • Sales Cloud 60 question exam released in mid April + downloadable PDF
  • Service Cloud 60 questions exam released in Q2

10 thoughts on “Introducing, Salesforce Ben Members!

  1. What about Advanced Admin exam?
    I am taking it soon so hope to see a mock up exam coming soon
    Just being selfish

      1. Great ! By beginning of May would be amazing
        But for this one I need much more study then app builder as even the 20 questions quiz is difficult without study.
        Thanks for your great work !

  2. Hi
    How do I subscribe to the “Salesforce Ben Members” ?
    I have the regular subscription to the news letter.


  3. Hi Ben I work in a Uruguayan Software company called Altimetrik. We are Salesforce partners and our goal for this year is all people in the company get the salesforce’s certification. We focus in developer and app builder certifications. My question is which benefits have for us become a member in this blog.
    We speak in spanish so my english is not the best, sorry!

    Thank you!

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