Introducing: GetFeedback for Pardot!

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Nowadays we are overloaded with messages from all channels, types and brands; there is just so much noise out there. So much of it, of course, gets ignored or even worse, blocked, affecting a brands reputation.

We know that it is key to have personalised 1:1 experiences with consumers, and this is what they expect as well. Bringing feedback into the mix can definitely be a game changer to enable better listening and improve service, product and even marketing so that messaging can be tailored to an individual preference level.

“The value of feedback can play a huge role during the lead generation and nurture phases, in order to help marketers fully understand the audiences they’re trying to reach. The goal should be to provide an engaging customer experience throughout the customer’s entire journey — from initial contact and beyond.” – Emily Fultz, Product Marketing at Salesforce

This is big, especially as it comes at NO cost for customers on GetFeedback for Salesforce Commercial and Premier plans, you get access to GetFeedback for Pardot at no additional cost starting June 13, 2018.

So you can, for example, integrate surveys beyond web forms into marketing journeys:

Have a much richer scoring and grading depending on the likelihood of purchase, recommendation, or the reason of webinar attendance… you name it!

You can even nurture depending on feedback, applying tags or other variables to your prospects, being smarter on your engagement using different paths:


To finish up with futuristic thoughts, this combo of GetFeedback for Pardot and the release of surveys in, doesn’t make you think of a potential official announcement?

Check it out and even request a demo here:

Salesforce Connections Pardot


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