Improve Your Sales And Marketing Operations With Pardot

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The modern marketing and sales operations can achieve wonders by breaking department silos and working in close collaboration. The alignment of marketing activities with the sales process is crucial for effective operations. Modern marketing departments enable their sales reps with tools like Pardot, which the sales team can use for better results, but often a powerful tool like Pardot overlooked and underutilized.

Last month we blogged about how sales can better use Pardot and Salesforce together. After the great feedback received we wanted to stress the importance of some of the main points made. Here is how your sales and marketing operations can be more effective using Pardot and Salesforce.


Sales Can Better Prepare for Conversations

You can better understand the marketing received by your prospects before calling them when you check the activity history. You will have more relevant conversation.


Notify Your Sales Reps When Meeting Requests Come In

Early bird gets the warm. Upon a form submit to a meeting request, you can use Pardot notifications and creation of tasks in Salesforce to make your sales reps take action right away. Following up immediately can make or break the sales.


Focus on the Prospects Ready To Buy

Pardot Lead Scoring and Grading allows sales to focus on the ready to buy prospects. The Grade is an indication of how well someone matches your buyer persona, while your Lead Score is indicates how engage they are with your marketing activities.


Marketing is using sophisticated tools to arm sales to the teeth with valuable information for engaging prospects. These are just a few examples. A close cooperation between sales and marketing operations can have magical results for your company.

Send 1-on-1 Emails From Salesforce

You can send email templates directly from Salesforce via Pardot 1-on1 emails. This will save time and effort for sales instead of having to type out the same information over and over again. Just click on the Send Pardot Email button and select your template.


Send Marketing Approved Campaigns From Salesforce

Connect more effectively with your prospects from Salesforce CRM, the Salesforce1 Mobile App or Gmail using Pardot Engage. Directly from the Sales Cloud your sales team can launch and monitor marketing campaigns, follow with prospects based on their behavior and respond to with the right content.


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