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In 2018, Salesforce and Deloitte collaboratively launched the Pathfinder Training Program, a workforce development program. Pathfinder trains individuals with the business and technical skills needed to launch careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Grounded in the companies’ shared value of equality, Pathfinder was the first step toward addressing a need in the marketplace for new sources of talent and filling the gap of 4.2 million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024.

The Pathfinder program focuses on training individuals traditionally underrepresented in the tech workforce; 72% of graduates are women, people of color, or veterans. Over the course of the four-month program, Pathfinders focus on pursuing either a Salesforce Administrator or Developer certification and acquiring business skills that will help them succeed in their new career. Upon graduation, Pathfinders seek roles as traditional Admins and Developers, as well as business analysts, consultants, customer success managers, and project managers, among others.

“Pathfinder is a remarkable programme, attracting new talent into the Salesforce eco-system. Combining Deloitte’s business skills and Salesforce’s technical training we are investing in the future of our community and our workforce cementing our partnership even more”, said Phillip Ludlow, Deloitte Partner.

Last year, Pathfinder started its first international program in London, UK. Pathfinder’s inaugural UK cohort will graduate from the program this month and begin their job searches in the Salesforce ecosystem. Deloitte’s confidence in the program and its graduates is evident by its commitment to hire 10% of qualified Pathfinder graduates. You can check out the Pathfinder profiles on the Pathfinder Hiring Hub — recruiters’ one-stop-shop for Salesforce-trained talent.

To learn more about the value Pathfinders bring to Salesforce Partners and Customers we sat down with the Salesforce team at Slalom , one of Pathfinder’s hiring partners, and recent Pathfinder Grad Beaulah Makumbe.

SalesforceBen: How did you hear about Pathfinder, and what interested you in partnering with the program?

Slalom: We were lucky enough to hear about the program through our Salesforce Talent Alliance Partnership. We’ve had great success with our other Salesforce Hiring Partnerships, so Pathfinder was a natural fit for us. We love that these candidates come from diverse backgrounds, have varied skill sets, and experiences. These diverse skill sets and backgrounds really compliment our thinking at Slalom and allow us to view challenges and ambition through different perspectives. We are super excited to be aligned to Pathfinder as it will enable us to expand our workforce development footprint, and participating in this program was an easy decision for us.

SalesforceBen: Slalom is committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive workspace. How do programs like Pathfinder fit into this commitment?

Slalom: Of all the attributes that make Slalom unique, team connection is at the top of the list. We are thinkers, makers and doers that bring the experience and discipline of a seasoned consulting firm, the creative brainpower of a digital agency, and deep technical expertise that’s been at the core of our business since day one. We thrive on diversity and it’s at the core of our Talent Acquisition agenda with one of our core values being ‘Be Your Authentic Self’. It’s great that Salesforce shares a similar view. The Pathfinder Program gives us access to find a diverse pipeline of talent from all backgrounds whilst additionally providing Salesforce training, it’s invaluable.

SalesforceBen: What does your team hope to accomplish in partnering with Pathfinder? How will this affect your team and overall business?

Slalom: Slalom is committed to hiring and building a more diverse workforce and the Pathfinder Program allows us to leverage and connect with talent that meets those requirements. If we’d not partnered with Pathfinders, we may not have had the pleasure of meeting such amazing people!

Next year we’re looking to make some awesome hires through our Analyst Experience and start them out on their Salesforce journey by coaching and mentoring them in the UK or globally across one of 39 markets.

We’re really are looking forward to working with Pathfinder, to train, coach and mentor ambitious talent and develop them into Salesforce Administrators or Salesforce Developers in 2021 and beyond.

SalesforceBen: What was your journey to Salesforce Pathfinder?

Pathfinder Beaulah Makumbe: Before Salesforce, I studied Business Information Technology and worked part time in retail. I didn’t have experience with technology and was stressed about finding a role in the IT sector. This was until a close friend introduced me to the Pathfinder Program. I did some research and l applied for the Administrator track in the program.

SalesforceBen: How has participating in Pathfinder impacted you?*

Pathfinder Beaulah Makumbe: Participating in Pathfinder has broadened my knowledge in how technology is used in business. One of the things that really impacted me was the Business Skills Training from Deloitte, which helped me learn about myself and my business style. Overall the Pathfinder Program provided personal self-development that l will use in my day-to-day life.

SalesforceBen: What will a role in the Salesforce ecosystem mean for you? *

Pathfinder Beaulah Makumbe: Getting a job in the ecosystem means a lot to me. It will allow me to get hands-on Administrator experience and build my skills and knowledge. Another benefit of being in the ecosystem is that it’s a lifetime development because there are opportunities to grow in the Salesforce ecosystem. I can confidently say that the Salesforce Pathfinder program increased my knowledge and equipped me with skills to pursue my career goals.


If you are a Salesforce Partner or Customer and interested in accessing a pipeline of diverse Salesforce-trained Pathfinder talent, reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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