Why Guest Post on SalesforceBen.com?

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Salesforce is truly a fantastic vibrant community of intelligent, giving individuals. This is evident everywhere you look from the official community, to blogs, YouTube videos and regular meetups all over the world. SalesforceBen.com has been trying to promote as much great content since the site started back in 2014, which is now core to our strategy. We’ve worked with over 100 guest posters over the past 4 years, and we are looking to work with more. As well as the clear benefits to guest posting, we want to help you solidify your ideas, and help with shaping the post so it’s perfect (As well as promoting it to 1000’s of our followers!)

If you’re intrigued or would like to learn more about guest posting and the benefits it can bring, read more!



Become the expert Quite a strange phenomena around writing blog posts, is that you actually increase your knowledge about a particular post further. As I start to put pen to paper, I find that I need to research certain areas of the post to ensure that I’m stating fact, as well to ensure I haven’t missed anything. This by itself solidifies your knowledge around your topic of choice

Increase your influence If you are looking to become an influencer in Salesforce or your specific niche, then blogging proves to the world that you are one individual not to be missed. SalesforceBen.com is visited by 1000’s of readers each day, eager to learn from industry experts.

Business Opportunities If you are blogging on behalf of your company, blogging is a great way to find new business contacts. Writing about specific industry knowledge and addressing common problems is a great way to get peoples attention.

Our Promise

Massive exposure -SalesforceBen.com is the most read Salesforce blog in the world. By guest posting, you are putting your name and your content in front of 1000’s of daily visitors.

Expert Advice – Our expert authors have been helping writers formulate their posts to ensure they are as gripping and relevant as can be. We will provide feedback on your post, helping you shape it until its perfect

Eye-Catching Images – Every post that goes on SalesforceBen.com deserves a gripping image to ensure it presents itself well across social media. We will produce this for you free of charge.

Social Promotion – We have a large social reach across the Salesforce community to ensure your content gets the attention it deserves. With some proper SEO attention, most post topics also end up on the 1st page of Google!

Next Steps

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