Certified Salesforce

Salesforce Certifications are industry recognised qualifications that prove to employers or clients that you excel in a certain field within Salesforce. There are multiple routes of Salesforce Qualifications, Administrator, Developer, Implementation Experts, App Builders, Architects, Pardot and Marketers. Each of these have different levels of qualifications. However, most users of Salesforce will take a similar route and order of qualifications.

The Salesforce Certified Administrator is where most users start, this provides you with the basics of Salesforce, its standard and custom objects, automation and most importantly, it’s security model. From there, users will most likely specialise depending on their personal career goals and vocation.

Below I have compiled my guides that I have written for all certifications I have completed. These also include sample quizzes and exams.


Certified Administrator
Administrator Guide & Tips

Administrator Resources

Administrator Mock Exam 

Advanced Administrator


Advanced Administrator Guide & Tips

Advanced Administrator Mock Exam

Platform App Builder

Platform App Builder Guide & Tips

Platform App Builder Mock Exam

Sales Cloud Consultant

Sales Cloud Certified
Sales Cloud Consultant Guide & Tips

Sales Cloud Consultant Mock Exam

Sales Cloud Consultant Resources

Service Cloud Consultant


Service Cloud Consultant Guide & Tips

Community Cloud Consultant


Community Cloud Consultant Guide & Tips

Community Cloud Mock Exam

Certified Platform Developer 1


Platform Developer 1 Guide & Tips

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Guide & Tips

Marketing Cloud Mock Quizzes

Pardot Specialist


Pardot Specialist Guide & Tips

Pardot Specialist Mock Exam

Integration Architecture

Integration Architecture Guide & Tips

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer

Development Lifecycle & Deployment Designer Guide & Tips