Get a Free Certification in Salesforce DevOps at DevOps Dreamin’ Chicago

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DevOps Dreamin’ is just around the corner and tickets are selling fast. Here’s one more reason to secure your place (if you haven’t already) – you can get free certifications in both Salesforce DevOps Fundamentals and DevOps Leadership with the DevOps Launchpad team!

What’s DevOps Dreamin’ x DevOps Launchpad?

DevOps Dreamin’ is the first community event dedicated to DevOps for Salesforce. After a sell-out debut in 2022, DevOps Dreamin’ is heading back to Chicago in April 2023… this time in collaboration with DevOps Launchpad


DevOps Launchpad is the only training platform that specializes in DevOps for Salesforce. The Launchpad team will be ‘setting up shop’ at DevOps Dreamin’, so attendees can complete a DevOps certification in person and free of charge!

Which Certifications Are on Offer?

There will be two free certifications available at the event: 

  1. Salesforce DevOps Fundamentals: This course covers everything from DevOps-ready deployments to version control, automation, and testing. The fundamentals certification is a great introduction to DevOps or a refresher for those looking to brush up their skills.
  1. Salesforce DevOps Leadership: If you lead a Salesforce DevOps team, this certification will give you the knowledge and skills to maximize your team’s success. It covers not only how to address DevOps adoption challenges, but also how to accurately assess your team’s performance and implement effective governance – everything you need to build a high-performing DevOps team.

When you complete a certification track at DevOps Dreamin’, you can pick up a physical certificate, meet the DevOps Launchpad team, and even grab some exclusive swag!

If you want to focus on a specific topic or don’t have time to work through the entire certification track, that’s OK! Individual courses focused on different areas of Salesforce DevOps will also be available for you to complete.

Support Your Learning With Complimentary Sessions

DevOps Dreamin’ will be hosting a wide variety of speakers across over 30 different sessions – completing the certification tracks at the event is a great way to cement and build on the knowledge and skills you’ll pick up throughout these sessions. 

To make the most of your time at DevOps Dreamin’, here are some great complimentary sessions to support your certification.

Salesforce DevOps Fundamentals: 

  • Under the Hood of Version Control (EJ Sherman, Coastal Cloud)
  • ​​Mastering Pull Requests: Best Practices for Collaborative Development (Tugce Sirin,  Eduhub Solutions)
  • DevOps Rocketfuel – Optimized & Secure Sandboxes (Saurabh Gupta, Cloud Compliance)
  • Getting Started With APIs (Matt Pieper, CareRev)

Salesforce DevOps Leadership:

  • Increasing Your ROI for DevOps (Ian Gotts, 
  • Continuous Collaboration: The Key to DevOps Success (Rachel Brozinick, Hike2)
  • Optimizing the Modern Day Salesforce Tech Stack (Brad Smith, Wizards of Ops)
  • Amazon Fireside Chat (Nikhil Reddy, Amazon) 

Register Now to Become DevOps Certified

With exclusive insights from experts across the ecosystem, there’s no better place to expand your DevOps knowledge and gain a free certification along the way.

Tickets are selling quickly, so register now to secure your spot. See you there!


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