French Touch Dreamin’ – The Newest Salesforce Community Event

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I remember the moment at London’s calling when Erica Khul and Peter Coffee asked me “Do you think Paris could host a European event?”. I immediately turned to the other French UG Leaders and MVP’s to see if they we’re as enthusiastic as I was, and the answer was yes! At the end of the day over some drinks, we announced that France would be hosting the the next European community event later on in 2016.

We didn’t have a clue about when, where and especially who would be speaking there, but as an MVP I get to travel a lot to other community events (Tahoe Dreamin’, Forcelandia, Midwest Dreamin’ & London’s calling), so I knew that the key to a great event would be to get great speakers to Paris to make it a success.

For these reasons, we decided to open up the Paris event to become an English event. Even though some French people are not overly familiar with pure english speakers, the organisers of French Touch Dreamin’ felt that it would bring the community together from all across Europe and give the local community a chance to see speakers from across the globe.

I knew it would offer the French and European continent a unique opportunity to discover the awesome spirit of the Salesforce community, especially those that can’t make it to Dreamforce.image-3

The Event

For those who are familiar with these community type events, you will not be surprised. Except that this event will have a great touch of French in it, especially at the Happy Hour!

If you are not familiar with the Dreamin’ events, you will realise soon enough that this kind of event is a Community event, made by the community, for the community. You can expect the day to be full of networking, great community spirit and all of the speakers will be delighted to spend time with you after their talks to find out more about their presentations. This is one big difference between some of the larger Salesforce events where there is so much to pack in, you can miss that key networking element of it.

On top of that, it will be the very first time that a Dreamin’ event will host 3 great contests :

–     A Demo Jam : App Innovation Partners (you can still say ISV if you haven’t heard about AIP before!) entering a contest to show the best of their product in a 3 minutes live demo – You will choose the winner!

–     A Dev Trailhead contest : Can you be crowned dev champion? Answer the quiz live and get on stage for the ultimate battle! (based on Trailhead questions)

–     An Admin/Architect Trailhead contest : Can you be crowned the Architect Champion? Answer the quiz live and get on stage for the ultimate battle (based on Trailhead questions)

If you want more details about the venue, the agenda, please refer to

The Speakers

While getting ready for the call for speakers, we were wondering if we could be lucky enough to have at least one or two great proposal coming  from US Salesforce MVPs . We were totally amazed to see so many great speakers trying to find a way to come to France to be speakers in Paris.

Finally 3 US MVPs will be there. The other speakers will come from Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, France and one will even come from Uruguay! There will certainly be no lack of Salesforce Diversity and Enthusiasm. The only little disappointment is around the number of female speakers, but an amazing number of WIT leaders will be there for an amazing WIT panel. We will strive for more diversity and equality in 2017. The diversity is also there with so many great talks and you know what? Only few of those have been already done at Dreamforce, so you can expect to learn new things even if you were attending at DF16.

So get ready to learn about Lightning Components, Hyperbatch, Marketing Campaigns, Visual Flow, Certification, Wave and of course SFDX. But if you think you are ready to experience something really special, you can give a try with the talk codename AirForce1 (Live Minority Report experience on Salesforce).

Few Early Bird tickets are still available at 50€ so run for it if you want to come or get ready to pay 100€ (or more) if you get late.


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