[Free Webinar] UX/UI 101 for Salesforce Professionals

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SalesforceBen.com is pleased to be teaming up with Skuid to bring you a free webinar to upskill you on UX/UI.

Your Salesforce users demand apps that are perfectly customized to their needs. With Lightning, you have more options to make this happen than ever before. 

Plus, the recent launch of the Salesforce UX Designer Certification has brought app design principles to the forefront. With so much flexibility to customize your Salesforce UX, where should you start? 

UX/UI 101 for Salesforce Professionals

Join Skuid and Salesforce Ben as we discuss UI and UX best practices for your Salesforce apps. In this webinar, we’ll help you level up your design skills so you can build better, custom apps that work for your organization, not the other way around. When Salesforce users have what they need to do their best work, amazing things happen.

You’ll learn:

  • Why UI/UX matter in your Salesforce apps.
  • Principles for designing human-centric experiences in Salesforce.
  • Examples of great UI/UX built by other Salesforce admins and builders. 
  • How to ensure high adoption rates across your apps. 
  • How to build apps that fit how your users work.

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