[Free Webinar] Best Practices for Implementing Changes in Salesforce

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As businesses evolve and Salesforce Orgs increase in size, Salesforce professionals are waking up to the fact that the growing volume of changes, hotfixes, and legacy projects have filled their Salesforce Orgs with complexity and technical debt.

Unused and unassigned components, duplications, and incomplete documentation are just a few examples.

Developers often call this ‘spaghetti code’, when every proposed change seems too complex to fully quantity and invariably breaks something unexpected. As a result, Salesforce teams find themselves adopting a ‘don’t change anything unless you absolutely have to’ approach.

Sound familiar?

Become a Change Master Webinar

On July 21st, I will be hosting Stuart Bierig, Panaya’s Director of Solution Architecture, for an exciting live webinar: Become a change master – Best practices for implementing rapid and safe changes in Salesforce.

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During this Webinar, we will share some best practices to help you implement changes the smart way. We will show you some tools to help you understand the true impact of every change to your business-critical processes – before you make them. This will empower your organization to safely adopt more agile development methodologies and help your organization to evolve and expand, deploying changes faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Free Guide

During this Webinar, we will guide you through tips and tricks to help you manage changes with confidence.

A free guide to help you ‘Master your Changes in Salesforce’ will be available for download to all attendees after the webinar.

You can sign up here, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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